Before the school year, parents attack not only shops with stationery and children’s clothing, but also with appliances. It seems that you need to buy something, but what exactly, in order for the gadget to really come in handy for a child, is more difficult to decide. In this article, we have selected ten great gadgets to help kids get through the school year.

Alarm Clock To Keep Track Of Time 

In the beginning, schoolchildren do not so much acquire new knowledge as they are getting used to the changed life. The child begins to plan the day himself: what time to wake up, go to school, return home and do homework. 

To help your first grader keep track of time and get organized, give them an alarm clock. You can’t just say “five more minutes” to an annoying signal – you will have to tinker with some models to turn it off. They run away and fly away, crumble into details, in general, they do everything to get you out of bed.

Smartwatch With GPS 

Another assistant on the way to independence is a smartwatch. It’s practically a smartphone in a child’s hand: they support a SIM card, take pictures and notify of incoming calls and messages (and many other cool things!). With the help of a GPS tracker, parents will always know where the child is, and the SOS button will send a signal if something happens. 

Another advantage is that the watch is always on hand (they can’t be pulled out of your pocket like a phone). Some smartwatches like Huawei watch GT 3 pro are even waterproof. They allow your children to even get in the pool without worrying. So you do not have to call all the time and control every step, and the children will feel a little more independent.

Table Lamp For Eyesight 

On the desktop, where the child learns lessons, draws and reads, there must be a table lamp (it gets darker and earlier). You can take a simple and reliable lamp, or you can take a useful gadget. Manufacturers supply table lamps with modes suitable for different activities, chargers, wireless control and a warm-up reminder, clocks, sensors and much more.

 Tablet To Stop Carrying Books And Textbooks

All textbooks and works of literature can be placed in one device and go to school light. For this, a tablet is useful, which, in addition, will allow you to search for additional information on the Internet (as opposed to a simple e-reader). Some models have a minimum brightness mode, which will significantly reduce eye strain.

Desktop Computer To Make Presentations And Reports

In high school, reports, presentations and other electronic tasks burst into the life of a student. Theoretically, they can be done from mobile devices (the same tablet), but for such tasks you need something more serious. For example, you need a desktop computer with a built-in system unit: it takes up little space, and, as a rule, it has good characteristics. 

Children who are accustomed to consuming information from the screen will find it convenient to work with a large monitor, in which there is nothing superfluous, while it is still a full-fledged PC. All the necessary hardware, speakers, and a webcam are usually already built into the computer. It remains to buy a keyboard and mouse – and you can work.

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