Your company is as good as the talent that you employ. When you hire developers for startup remember that organizations value talented employees because they are a useful resource, they add great value to the organization, and replacing employees costs time and money. As resources leave work, it puts an immense burden on existing employees to reach targets and meets deadlines.

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Here are some tips and methods you can employ to retain talent.

Pay Them Well

The most apparent way you can prevent talent from leaving your organization is by offering them a good salary package. While money is not the sole motivator behind keeping or switching jobs, it can weigh heavily on one’s decision. 

Not to mention, a well-compensated individual puts in more effort to perform well in his job and stay in it longer. Giving retention bonuses is also a good strategy for keeping employees. 

Create a Fear-Free Environment 

Healthy work culture is important in retaining your top talent. It may seem like a small gesture but asking employees for their input on projects and making them feel heard is a crucial part of a healthy work environment. Engaging in meaningful conversations with your employees is an excellent team-building exercise and may lead to innovative ideas that can make the work process better.    

It is important to encourage transparency in the workplace by creating a safe space for employees to speak up. Employees will learn to deflect blame instead of taking accountability if they fear being penalized for making a mistake. 

Provide Feedback and Show Appreciation

Kindness goes a long way. It is important to show appreciation for your employees and their work. Make sure your appreciation comes across as genuine by catering it to the individual. If an employee enjoys taking on responsibility, you can acknowledge his work by trusting him with more projects. However, if you feel like an employee would appreciate taking the day off and eating out in his/her favorite restaurant, arrange that for them. Be aware of your employee’s behavior by paying attention to their work ethic and engaging in conversation to get feedback.

Furthermore, it is important to keep your employee in the loop regarding his/her performance. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your teammates once a week to make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This will give them an idea as to what factors they can work on to improve.

Allow Flexibility 

Give your employees flexibility in the working process. Luke Lintz of HK enterprises found that employees that were given freedom in selecting their most productive hours and setting their own creativity goals performed incredibly well. 

Furthermore, it is important to not micromanage your resources. It will negatively affect employee productivity but also cause high-performing talent to leave your organization and turn to one that offers better peace of mind.

Couple New Employees With Mentors

It is important to work towards a smooth onboarding of the new hires. This means helping them not just integrate seamlessly into their work roles but also into the company culture. A mentorship program is an excellent way of doing this. Pair new hires with a mentor even if they are working remotely. 

The mentors can help welcome the new resources. It is easier breaking the ice with one person rather than having to break it with 15 people to feel like a part of the process. The latter happens over time but the initial few days on a new job can be lonely therefore having a mentor who is dedicated to helping you can be assuring. 

Provide Proper Training 

One reason why people move jobs is that they are unsure of their future at an organization. Therefore, it is important to keep employees aware of the hierarchy and the progression of their careers. Provide HR training so they can see what the future holds for them.    

In Conclusion

From bad salary packages to a toxic work environment, there are many reasons why people change jobs. Some employees will leave your organization but you can make their decision tough. Strategic planning to make your company better can helps bring talented individuals on board and maintain them in your organization.

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