Spotify is a competitive platform where making your music or playlists stand out can be really difficult to more gain followers. However, it’s not impossible if you give a little dedication and planning to it. 

Everyone wants their playlist to gain more followers which will ultimately lead to having more profile followers and generating money. If you struggle with this low followers thing, we have some great tips for you:

Listen to your playlist

It may sound ridiculous but trust me, listening to your own playlist can make a big difference. Many people just create their playlists and sit idly waiting for it to grow. This isn’t going to work.

Playlists having more engagement are visible on Spotify as compared to those having a few active listeners only. When a new playlist is formed, people don’t even know about it. It’s up to the creator to listen to the playlist often to give it the initial boost.

If you won’t listen to your playlist, it’s rare that it will fetch any organic reach from Spotify. Keep listening to your playlist to show Spotify algorithms that it has reach, then you will see its follower count raising soon organically.

The playlists which are ignored by curators have a significant decline in listeners and followers. Once you will start listening to your playlist daily for several weeks, you will get a steady stream of new organic followers for it via Spotify making it visible.

Be picky 

It may be tempting for you to add all of your favorite songs to one playlist but don’t repeat this mistake. Even if all those songs belong to the same genre, you have to be picky while choosing.

Curating a playlist is the same as painting a scene, or writing some wonderful words. You have to choose the best ones for it. Don’t make it too vague having every random song in it. Listen to songs yourself and pick out the ones that seem best suitable for this playlist.

Find your niche

more gain followers

Music has various genres and trends, and one person can’t get a hand over all of these. Making new playlists of popular and already established genres is like digging the grave of your playlist yourself. 

Try to find a specific mood or theme for a playlist and stick to that. It won’t break the rhythm for listeners while listening due to abrupt changes in the type of songs. 

Ignore the size

While creating a playlist, size doesn’t matter. It may sound different as we have been hearing different advice like keeping playlists short or giant. But in reality, what matters is that your songs should be related to the title and description of the playlist, and should be good ones.

You can add more songs to the playlist gradually to keep it active and interesting.

Using keywords in description

Choosing the right name for your playlist and correct words in the description can make a lot of difference. If you want organic reach from Spotify, you have to make sure that your playlist name can attract new listeners.

It doesn’t mean to add such unique and difficult creative words in the title. Write descriptive and relating words in the title which show what your playlist is about, but it should not be generalized like “top summer hits” or “best of 2020”. Make it stand out by using keywords or artists’ names.

Title should indicate the genre of music and if you are adding songs of a specif era, then that should be included as well.

Also focus on writing a good description for your playlist. Using those keywords that people might search for on Spotify. Include popular genres, artist names, and other relatable words in the description because this text is searchable on Spotify.

Best songs should be on top

more gain followers

This point is important but ignored by most people usually.  It is obvious that new listeners play first few songs from the playlist and judge the whole playlist based on them.

If the first song fails to capture their attention, they lose interest in your playlist. Same goes for the first 5 to 10 songs. The whole playlist will be selected or rejected based on these songs mostly. So, choose them wisely. Put the top, best songs at the upfront.

Don’t force people

While promoting your Spotify account on other social media platforms may prove to be usual but this is not the case for playlists. You may gain a few listeners or playlist followers from Instagram posts, Reddit articles, or Facebook pages but those are hollow and to some extent useless followers. As they don’t have an interest in your music, chances of them liking and continuously listening to your playlist are rare. 

You may gain a lot of followers from this promotion, but only a few of them will give you engagement in the long run. They may increase your visibility for algorithms which is a benefit no doubt but it is better to focus more on gaining organic followers from Spotify.

Update regularly

Continuously updating your playlists and adding new songs will show Spotify that you are an active user and increase your importance to algorithms. Playlists not having an active curator lose listeners to some extent.  Stay active and keep changing the number of songs in your playlist quite often like once a month.

You may want to delete some old songs from playlists as well which seem boring to you now. But don’t do this often you can delete one song or two but don’t overdo it.

As you will lose followers because of it. Imagine listening to a playlist because your favorite is in it and you jam to it daily on your way to office, and one day you just see that song missing from the playlist or deleted by curator. It will frustrate you and might end your interest in that playlist. Same happens with other people son don’t mess with their favorite songs.

Find cool undiscovered artists

Putting trendy songs from famous artists on your playlist might sound tempting but it won’t help you stand out. Every other playlist will be posting latest, trendy songs, which might bring some plays to you as well if you want to post it. But in the long run, you need to post something new and different to stand out. 

Try to discover the hidden gems of music and form a playlist with those. Discover the good work of underestimated artists and use it to attract people to your playlist.

Prioritize yourself

All these tips and tricks are good for gaining followers to some extent but only you can truly know what to add to your playlists. Don’t ignore your personal preferences because of all these tips. Think of it as something you are creating for yourself to jam on it daily.

Prioritize your personal choices and add that music to your playlist. In the end, your selection matters the most. A personal touch of your choices will also give this playlist a sort of your personality vibes and people may like it even more.

Choose the right tracks, keep your favorites in mind as well, and BAM! You are all set on the success journey of your playlists.

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