It feels so good to be liked, appreciated, and followed by people on Twitter. If you are a genuine content creator, you must want appreciation in the form of the Twitter Followers and if you have many of them it is a boon. 

But if you want to keep a certain nature of followers in your lane and you are not willing to jeep others, be it for any reason you can easily do that. 

Twitter being one of the popular social media networks provides its users with plenty of options to adjust their accounts according to their own desires. It is one of the leading social media apps too, where almost every tom dick and harry is having an account. It helps you manage the follower’s settings too so that unnecessary annoyance can be avoided. 

Formerly, Twitter did not have a proper option of blocking or removing followers. But it did have an option called soft blocking which can lead to the blocking and unblocking of the followers. 

With the innovation in its technology and with purgation of its algorithm, it now provides the option to simply remove the followers without blocking them. So if you are wondering how to remove Twitter likes and followers, you must give a glance at what is written below.

How to Remove them from Desktop

If you want to remove followers from your Twitter account, you must preferably do it using on desktop. 

Removal from the desktop is a bit easy and it just takes a few moments to do so:

Step 1

Enter your Twitter Username and credentials, and tap log in to your account. 

Step 2

Once the homepage is opened, on the left-top of it, navigate your profile.

Step 3

Click on the profile photo and select a button showing followers. 

Step 4

Clicking followers will lead you to the actual list of followers where you can see their profiles and can even visit them. 

Step 5

Verify that none of the followers you don’t want are on your list. If yes, go on. 

Step 6

On the side of every follower’s profile, you will find triple dots portraying settings. Click on them. 

Step 7

Click on the option naming, and remove this follower. Click the confirm button. Your follower list will no longer include that particular follower. 

How to Filter Followers from Twitter Mobile 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove followers using a Twitter app on your mobile phone. But that does not mean that you cannot filter out and remove unwanted followers on mobile. 

You can do that but for that, you need to redirect yourself to Twitter by using the web browser or the web version of Twitter. 

There is nothing more to it other than that:

Step 1

Go to the web browser and open twitter there. 

Step 2

Add your Twitter credentials by logging in to your Twitter account. 

Step 3

Locate your profile photo and click to navigate followers count. 

Step 4

Search for the follower you want to filter out from your account. 

Step 5

Click the setting for that follower and press remove the follower.

Step 6

Confirm removal. By using these steps, you can remove any followers whom you do want to be on your following list. It can be accomplished efficiently on both desktop and web versions of Twitter. 

Further, if you want to filter out the authentic audience even before they start following you, you can proactive do it by changing your privacy settings. 

It will help you to accept or deny the following request by any outsider and it will totally be up to you to grant him permission to be on your follower list or not. 

So you can either filter them before entering your realm of Twitter by changing the privacy setting or you can even remove them by following the above-mentioned steps.  

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