Foreign investors have always looked to the UAE, especially the free zones, to grow their businesses.

UAE free zone companies make it easy to start a business, and they are all owned by foreigners. Also, if you opened a business here, you could apply for a UAE-free zone visa.

Free zones are known for their high-quality infrastructure, and their services support a certain type of business activity, which helps keep things running smoothly. Also, each free zone has its own set of laws, and people who work there must follow the rules and regulations of the authority in charge of that free zone.

When you have a free zone visa in Dubai, you get a lot of benefits. Here is a full explanation.

UAE Free Zone Visa Benefits:-

Investors and business owners can run their businesses successfully in the UAE with the help of free zones, which also give them the freedom to live and work there. If a foreign company goes through the visa process, it can get the following benefits.

– Tax Exemption

If you have a free zone visa, you don’t have to pay any import, export, or personal taxes. Organizations don’t have to pay corporate taxes for a certain amount of time, and this exemption can be renewed in the future.

– You own it 100 percent

UAE passed a law in 2018 that lets foreign investors and business owners own 100% of a company without needing an Emirati shareholder. So, foreign investors would still have full control over the business.

– Efficient financial access

If you have a UAE residence visa, you can open a bank account, transfer money, and use any other financial services you might need right away.

– Lease corporate premises

Depending on what you need, you can rent office space and other places. Long-term leasing options that can last up to 25 years have their advantages.

– Getting health care

With a UAE free zone visa, residents can apply for an Emirates ID and get the same healthcare services as UAE residents. This also means choosing a health insurance plan that won’t break the bank.

How to get a UAE residency visa for a free zone?

Are you looking for a free zone business setup in Dubai? No worries, follow the given steps to get a UAE residence visa and start your own business in Dubai today.

1. Registration

Getting your business registered is the first step toward getting a visa. You can apply for a company establishment card after you’ve incorporated your business. This will let you apply for a permit to enter the country.

2. Permit to enter

Most of the time, the entry permit is given within 15 days and is good for another 60 days. The entry permit is also activated if you change your residency status while you are in the UAE or if your passport is stamped when you arrive.

3. Tests for health

A blood test and chest scan are part of a basic medical fitness test that applicants have to take at centers all over the country. Also, the test results can be given to you within a day.

4. A picture ID

The last step to getting your Emirates ID is to have your biometrics processed. If you have a UAE-free zone visa, you can apply for an Emirates ID, which gives you access to the same healthcare services as a UAE resident.

Once you have the Emirates ID, the visa will be stamped in your passport. The last step is getting the residence visa stamped.

It’s Time to Get a Free Zone Visa

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