Learning about the available features in this Bitstamp review is important and crucial as it will help you determine how suitable the exchange is, according to your trading requirements and more. As a new crypto investor or trader, it can be difficult for you to know which of the available platforms is the best for you.

There are several types of crypto exchanges and they all offer different types of services and features to the users. This is why, every exchange may not be as suitable for you and this is what makes it crucial for all interested parties to know the available features first and then choose an exchange accordingly.

If you are interested in knowing, “is Bitstamp safe?” and what kind of crypto buying or trading experience it offers then you should know the details mentioned below.

Bitstamp Review – Introduction of the Exchange

The Bitstamp exchange is based in Europe and is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It was launched in 2011 and offers some of the best crypto trading and investing features to the users. It does not offer a wide range of digital assets as the users are allowed to only buy, sell or trade more than 20 different cryptocurrencies from a single marketplace.

However, it is highly suitable and ideal for the novice parties. There are several other features of the crypto exchange that are essential for you to know before you start using it for buying or trading crypto.

Is the Exchange Safe?

This exchange review talks about one of the most important questions, which is, “is Bitstamp safe?”. There are many crypto exchanges that are available in the market but not all of them would offer a high level of safety and security to the users.

This is what sets an exchange like Bitstamp apart from the rest. This is a highly secure crypto exchange, which makes use of cutting-edge security features to ensure the users are offered utmost security while using the platform.

Choosing a secure exchange can help every interested party in tackling the potential risks and overcoming the challenges or obstacles.

Therefore, if safety has a high priority for you then you should know the exchange uses the following security protocols.

  • Email confirmations
  • Majority of assets held in cold wallets
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Annual audits of accounts
  • KYC (know your customer) process
  • Google Authenticator Login

Regulated and Licensed

Another aspect mentioned in this Bitstamp review is that this is a regulated and licensed crypto exchange. This certainly adds to the high-level of security offered by the crypto exchange. It is also the first regulated crypto exchange in the world.

This further adds a lot of value to the crypto exchange and makes it stand out among the rest.

Support for Fiat Currencies

Knowing “is Bitstamp safe?” is not sufficient if you are new to the crypto space. You should also know other relevant features offered by the exchange such as the support it offers to the fiat currencies.

This is one of the major reasons for the popularity and success the exchange has achieved in the crypto market. This exchange offers support to fiat currencies that include:

  • S. Dollar
  • Euro

As a user of the crypto exchange, you can buy digital assets with the supported fiat assets and by using any of the multiple supported payment methods. Almost all of the crypto assets      available on the exchange have a distinctive pair for each fiat asset.

Account Security

If you want to use this exchange you can significantly increase the security of your account, which further answers “is Bitstamp safe?”. The level of security can be increased if you set up the two-factor authentication before you deposit any funds in it. This will prevent any risk that may be posed towards your investment.

By enabling the 2FA you will receive a computer-generated code on your mobile phone. You will have to put this in every time you log in, which strengthens the security of your account.

Trading Fees Charged by the Exchange

One of the most crucial factors you should know about any exchange before you choose it is the fee charged by the platform. There is a fee structure specified by each crypto exchange. However, the transparency of the fee charged is not the same.

This is why, this Bitstamp review talks about the trading fee and specifies the details so the novice parties can decide if it is according to their needs or not.

Here are the details.

  • Flat fee of 0.25% for trades under $20,000
  • 10% fee if monthly trading volume is more than $20 million

The deposit and withdrawal fee depends on the deposit method you choose.

Final Takeaways!

Having an idea about what the trading crypto platform has to offer can be extremely crucial, especially for people who are new to the crypto space. This is why, potential users of the exchange should know what the Bitstamp review has to offer as mentioned above in detail.