There are many components of diabetic shoes that keep feet safe and healthy. It is important to have a good understanding of what these features are so you can select the best pair of shoes for your needs. We will discuss some of the key components to look for when shopping for diabetic shoes. 

If you have diabetes, then it’s important to know about diabetic shoes. These special shoes have many features that help keep the feet safe and healthy, which is essential if you want to avoid further complications from diabetes. So, what exactly should you look for when buying diabetic shoes? Keep reading to find out!

What are Diabetic Shoes?

As the name suggests, diabetic shoes are designed specifically for people with diabetes. These shoes have many features that help to protect the feet and prevent complications from diabetes. For example, diabetic shoes often have a wider toe box to accommodate foot swelling, edema, and provide more room for the toes. Additionally, diabetic shoes often have a rigid heel counter to help reduce pressure on the forefoot by providing adequate heel support.

What are the Key Components and Features of Diabetic Shoes?

When you have diabetes, it is important to take extra care of your feet. This includes wearing the proper footwear. Diabetic shoes are designed to protect your feet and keep them healthy. There are many different features that make up diabetic shoes. Some of the most important components to look for include:

Extra Depth

Diabetic shoes are designed to provide extra support and protection from further injury. They typically offer extra depth to accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes, and to fit an orthotic insert which provides additional support. The soles of diabetic shoes are designed to evenly distribute weight and reduce pressure on the feet. This helps to prevent ulcers and other wounds from developing. By wearing diabetic shoes, people with diabetes can significantly reduce their risk of foot problems.

Seamless Microfiber Lining

Seamless microfiber lining helps prevent irritation by avoiding excess seams. This is especially important for diabetics, who can’t heal from blisters or wounds like the average person. Without proper care, these wounds can lead to serious complications, including amputation of toes and limbs. That’s why diabetic shoes with seamless microfiber lining are so important. They help keep feet healthy, avoiding any excess irritation that could lead to serious problems down the road.

Padded Tongue and Collar

Padded tongue and collar on diabetic shoes are important to help prevent foot slippage and irritation. The padding provides extra cushion and support which helps to relieve pressure points on the feet. This is important for people with diabetes because they often have sensitive feet that can easily become irritated. 

Light Weight Outsole

Diabetic shoes have light weight outsoles which offers increased comfort and durability. The outsole is made of shock absorbing materials that help to protect the foot from impact. The material is also flexible and lightweight, making it ideal for walking or running. The insole is helps to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on the feet.

No Metal

One of the most important features of diabetic shoes is that they have minimal to no metal parts. This is because metal can potentially cut or damage to the skin, which can lead to infection.

Antimicrobial Treatment

Diabetic shoes feature antimicrobial treatment that helps keep the shoes 100% hygienic. This is especially important for people with diabetes, as foot infections can be a serious health hazard. The treatment helps to kill bacteria and fungi, keeping the shoes clean and reducing the risk of infection.

In addition, the antimicrobial treatment helps to keep the shoes odor-free. This is a major benefit for people with diabetes, as foot odors can be difficult to manage. The treatment also helps to extend the life of the shoes by preventing degradation from bacteria and fungi.

Protective Toe Box

Diabetic shoes are also often constructed with wider toe boxes to accommodate foot conditions or deformities such as bunions and hammertoes. In addition, diabetic shoes generally have a rigid heel counter to provide more heel support in effort to minimize pressure on the forefoot.


The shank provides support for the arch of the foot. This is important for people with diabetes because they often have problems with their feet, and the shank helps to reduce the risk of further injury.

Heel Counter

Diabetic shoes are medically necessary footwear designed to protect the feet of people with diabetes. They differ from regular shoes in a number of ways, but one of the most important is the presence of a heel counter. This is a firm piece of material that helps to support the heel and prevent slippage. This is especially important for people with diabetes, as heel slippage can lead to foot ulcers and other serious problems.

When shopping for diabetic shoes, it is important to keep these features in mind. By selecting a shoe with all of the above components, you can help keep your feet healthy and protected.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to diabetic shoes, remember that not all shoes are created equal. Make sure to select a shoe with all of the necessary features, such as a light weight outsole, seamless lining, and an antimicrobial treatment. These features will help to keep your feet healthy and protected. And if you’re looking for the best selection of diabetic shoes on the market, be sure to check out Anodyne Shoes. We offer a wide variety of shoes that are both stylish and functional, and we’re here to help you find the perfect pair of shoes for your needs.

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