We all know that the world has turned into a digital world where everyone prefers a digital presence, whether personal or professional. Without a digital presence, it seems like a person has no existence. Whether you are making a personal profile on any platform or a profile related to your job and company, you must be present digitally. Although it is unnecessary for professions and businesses, no one can do without it. With too much digital visibility comes responsibilities, pros, cons, and threats. If you have been using digital and social media platforms, you must now be familiar with the term cybercrime. Technology has so revolutionized and evolved that the threats have also increased. Many fraudulent scammers, hackers, and cybercriminals access our information illegally and use it for their agendas and gains. It compromises our accounts and information, so we are unsafe anywhere if we aren’t careful enough. It is essential to protect yourself and your online visibility by being vigilant enough and following some of the best tips suggested by Spark Angels, a mobile phone repair Kettering. Let’s see what steps you must take to stay safe and secure online in 2023. 

Tips and Tricks By The Angels in Mobile Phone Repair Kettering

  • Utilise Strong Passwords

Have anyone put a password on their profile that says, “12345678”? If yes, do you think it’s wise to generate such passwords? We don’t think so. If you have an online profile on any social media platform or a Gmail or Apple ID with such passwords, it will become easy for the hacker to get into your phone and steal the information because it’s not tough to guess this password. Strong passwords are essential to keep your accounts protected. To generate strong passwords, it is suggested that you must use lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and characters. You must not use personal information as your password, such as your birthdate. Many people use their birthdates as passwords, but that’s a big no. It is also suggested that you use different passwords for different accounts so that even if one of your accounts is compromised, the others will stay safe. 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

If you have been using this feature, you must know by now how significant and handy it is. Two-step verification features allow you to add an extra layer of protection to your accounts. When you enable this feature, they send you a code on your email or mobile phone after putting a password; your profile account will not be opened if you don’t enter the code. Therefore, it will be difficult for frauds and hackers to hack your account since the code has been sent to your email or phone. Many platforms like Google, iCloud, Apple, Hotmail, Outlook, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have this two-step verification feature. 

  • Beware of Online Scams

Have you ever shopped for a product from a particular website and haven’t gotten the product you wanted? This has become common nowadays. Many websites on social media platforms are scams. They not only send you the wrong product while you shop, but when you click on their website, they steal all the information about you. Remember that websites with HTTP are authentic. Be wary of scams and emails that claim to be legitimate businesses and retailers. Phone repair experts say these websites might sound too good, but they hack your information once you log in. In addition, if you receive an email that you weren’t expecting that looks fishy to you, don’t click on it or the link it sent you. Such links tell you to click on them to download certain files. Once you download them, your gadget will have a lot of malware and viruses, and it will hack all your system. 

  • Update Your Software

Mobile phone repair experts say that when your device becomes old, software becomes outdated; your phone becomes vulnerable to security risks. Updating a phone can improve the security of your phone. These updates include software, tools, browser, and all the apps you are using. You must stay ahead of the possible threats to your device by updating your system. If you don’t know how to do any of these steps, go to the professionals and take their guidance. They will tell you everything so well that you can’t stop yourself from saying, “Good going, Sparks!”

  • Use VPN

Many people go outside and try connecting to any WiFi they see on their phones. It is not a good thing to do; You don’t know which connection is safe and which is not.  You might be putting your phone in danger by doing so. If you want to connect to a network, you must download a VPN and enable it because it not only encrypts your connection but also hides your IP address. With a VPN, it is not easy for hackers to steal your information and scam you. If you still think your accounts and phone have been compromised, go to the cell phone repair experts and tell them about your issue. They also provide online phone repair services to help you protect your online privacy. Let these Angels put a light in your life.

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