How long will small SEO companies remain small? At some point, it is important to think big. But how easy it is to think and work at an enterprise scale. It is difficult, but not impossible. Almost every enterprise business stepped up from being a small business first.

Let’s understand what enterprise means before seeing that your SEO agency in India is ready to become an enterprise agency. The scale of work of a small SEO agency and an enterprise SEO company is significantly different.

A small enterprise SEO company typically works with ten clients and updates a few hundred keywords and URLs. An enterprise SEO agency may work for 1-2 enterprise clients but will have to process huge amounts of information.

Look For The Signs

If your SEO agency in India grows in leaps and bounds, you can take your company to the next level. Here are four indications that your agency is ready to venture into the SEO enterprise world:

#1 Your Team has Become Extremely Efficient

The first sign that your SEO agency is ready to venture into the enterprise space is the efficiency of operations. You are ready if your team can consistently raise the bar on efficiency, although the business gets complex. Every large SEO agency in Indiahas taken this plunge.

Complexity is the name of the game with enterprise SEO accounts. The bigger the account, the more complicated it is to perform basic hygiene checks. There is also a much bigger risk of unintentionally breaking something while optimising something else.

#2 Your Team is Tech Savvy

Pure hard manual work will not cut it when working with enterprise accounts. Given the complexity of the operations, a lot of emphasis on working on SEO will be tech-based.

Your SEO team has to know how to process large amounts of data and understand insights. They have to use advanced tools to optimise various aspects of the website seamlessly. If your team shows signs and confidence to handle this, you should consider moving to the enterprise SEO search space.

#3 Your Team has Excellent Coordination and Communication Skills

Enterprise companies have their in-house SEO teams. Agencies with enterprise clients will need to work with the internal SEO and development teams in lockstep. Any miscommunication on either side can end up costing the partnership.

If your team has been displaying high maturity levels in dealing with clients, it is a sign of stepping up the efforts and venturing into the enterprise SEO world. An enterprise-ready team can seamlessly traverse complex handshake protocols and proactively interact with clients.

There are usually more teams than just the client’s teams to coordinate within enterprise SEO. Your agency may use advanced tools and work with the development team to ensure the right infrastructure is in place. 

You may have a sales team, data team, partnerships team, and SEO experts. They all need to work together smoothly while keeping clients’ objectives at the centre.  

#4 When you Have Enough People on the Team to Lead and Manage

Once a team becomes big or takes on much bigger clients than the company is used to, a solid management team becomes necessary. If your team is diverse enough in the amount and kind of experience they bring, it’s a positive sign.

For enterprise SEO agencies, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. Each role has enormous depth and influence. Compared to this, a small SEO agency has people multi-tasking and double-hatting roles. 

Enterprise SEO is a lot more demanding than a scrappy start-up. There is no scope for errors, so supervision is critical. Team dynamics should be in excellent alignment where everyone knows how their role is tied to each other. 


Enterprise SEO is very lucrative but also very tricky. You need to have enough revenue to cover periods of low business, especially with a large team. You can sign up for your first enterprise client and learn if the investment is secured.  

Of course, having an amazingly capable, independent, and passion for pushing through tough times. Operating at scale needs an entirely new set of skills. Invest in upskilling people and acquiring the right talent before moving to the enterprise SEO space.