Having an investment portfolio is a great way to build equity and make money, but it’s not a simple process. In fact, it’s so complicated that experts known as property managers usually handle all the work on behalf of busy clients. 

But do you really want to be giving some of your profits over as commission to a property manager? Are they worth the effort of finding a good one? If you’re considering Point Cook’s property management services, here’s why it’s a good idea: 

They Do Market Assessments

Before you put a property up for rent, you will want to make sure you know the value of your property in the market and set up a fair rent for your tenants. The market value of your property is likely to fluctuate, so when you work with a property manager, they can rack these changes as they happen and help you fairly price your property in a way that attracts possible tenants.

They Prepare Your Rental

Prior to anyone moving into a rental property, there are things to be done to make sure the property is ready to go and is legally compliant. This can be small things like repairing door locks or installing a smoke alarm, or more technical such as fixing appliances or wiring. No matter what the scope of the problem is, the property manager will have the resources to get things ready for a new client. 

The Market & Advertise

If you want fewer properties remaining empty, then you want them to be advertised accurately and to the right people. This includes taking photos accurately listing the apartment’s amenities and promoting the property on social media. All this can be done by a property manager, who will know how and where to properly advertise your property to get the best tenant in the shortest timeframe.

They Screen Tenants

One of the greatest things a property owner can do is ensure the longevity of the property by screening the clients. By finding the right tenant, not only will you have fewer empty apartments, but you’ll also have a smooth tenancy term. Screening tenants takes time and effort, so liaising with a property manager can make life easier for you on this front, and give you increased peace of mind. 

They Prepare Leases & Signings

One of the most complicated aspects of renting out a property is the legal contract. The law in Australia is very strict, so you need to keep this in mind when engaging a new tenant. Preparing a well-thought-out, well-crafted lease agreement is vital to anyone investing in real estate, but it’s complicated. This is where having a property manager really makes your life much easier, they can handle the legalities, and you can go back to your daily life. 

They Manage to Move Out’s & Renewals

When it’s time for a tenant to leave, it’s important to make sure the process of leaving is done well. This includes checking that no damage was done, returning deposits and cleaning. On the other hand, if your tenant is renewing their content, you may have to draft a new contract and make sure there’s no damage.  Regardless of which of these occurs, you will need a property manager to help you manage fluctuations that occur during lease cycles. 

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Taking care of your investment properties yourself can be daunting, so it’s understandable that you want to work with the experts to make life easier. So, contact Established Property and get a property manager on your side today!