Mobile security shields mobile devices from the many cyberattack scammers that pose a threat to the privacy, security, and financial details of users. Numerous restrictions, technologies, and regulations are part of it. The specifications for phone security features differ depending on the manufacturer, but they all include user verification and network access control. Most mobile users desire complete security for themselves and their cell phones. If you follow the recommendations of renowned professionals from Newcastle’s phone repair shops, you and your phone will be safer. Let’s dive right in!

Best Ways to Increase Phone Security – Suggested By Newcastle’s Phone Repair Shops

Have a look at the list of things you should do:

Do Not Share Your Personal Information

Ever had some bank message you randomly?  It is probably fake! If you receive a message or email asking for your bank information, you must contact the bank immediately to report and clarify.  This is also true for clicking on links in phishing messages and emails.

Increasing Mobile Security (Locks)

Make sure your phone is secured and safeguarded by security locks when it is not in use. Make sure it is protected with a strong password or pin, ideally one requiring biometric identification. This is because fingerprints and facial IDs cannot be imitated, unlike a pattern with a limited number of possible permutations.

Avoid Using WiFi & Public Charging Stations

Cybercriminals (hackers) attempting to access phones and users’ private data love unsecured WiFi networks. Always use a private network to access your banking services and phone charging stations. Consider purchasing a power bank if your phone’s battery is becoming low.

Only Install Files & Applications from Trustworthy Sources

It’s smart to do some research before allowing an app access to the phone and its data. Despite appearing safe, several applications only exist to collect user data. Hackers regularly clone popular applications to steal personal information from naive victims.

Use Google Play Store or Apple Store if you’re looking for a new application. Check the privacy statement and ratings for details on what phone features the program will use if you download it.

Make Several Backups

Ensuring that a secure backup of all your data has been created. When you bring your phone to a professional at a phone repair shop in Newcastle, you risk losing data if it is lost or broken. To prevent hassle, create additional backups on online cloud storage services like OneDrive, iCloud, and Google Drive. To be extra careful, you may make a local backup on your hard drive.

Keep Your Phone Updated

Users frequently ignore heavy software updates. These updates usually provide significant upgrades that enhance the phone’s security or upgrade earlier versions to include new safety features.

Run an Antivirus Scan

Since phones function like Computers, they are vulnerable to malware and viruses. Using a professional antivirus program will protect sensitive documents and prevent hazardous malware from being installed on the device.

Download a Tracker

By using an online tracking system, people can now keep track of where they are. When your phone is lost or, worse, stolen,  use this app to wipe it clean so no one can access your information.

Log Out of Social Media Accounts

Today, every smartphone is linked to a cloud-storage account, such as Google Drive. Since your data is stored on your smartphone, you may log out after using it if you don’t wish for anyone else to access it. So, even if you disable the device’s password option, your data will remain secure.


In a nutshell, a VPN enables you to connect to a server privately instead of sharing the connection with other people on the public network. Additionally, protected by encryption, your data is securely sent between servers.

Secure Your Data

The amount of data that your smartphone can store is remarkable. If lost, texts, emails, bank account information, and other personal documents may be in danger. Ensure that your phone is encrypted to protect your data.

To Sum it Up

Computers and other types of technology are not as vulnerable to security risks as mobile devices. Before taking any action, specialists recommend knowing about cybersecurity. Make sure your data is secure.

Visit a specialist in the field if you live in Newcastle, Oklahoma, and wish to learn more. Nano Repair is one of Newcastle’s many reputable and well-known phone repair shops. You can get good advice from their professionals. 


Can a repair guy at a phone repair shop take my personal information?

Remember that stealing your data could ruin the repair shop’s reputation.  If they have to unlock your smartphone to check it after repairs, they will always request your consent.

Can I repair my broken mobile phone on my own?

You may be able to perform some small repairs or keep your device operational for a while, depending on the model of your mobile phone and your level of technical expertise. Make backups while getting your device ready for your gadget for professional assistance.

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