So, you want a library but right now can only afford an apartment? You shouldn’t put a stop to your ultimate dream because of a lack of space. In this excerpt below, we will be bringing you some of the best home decor suggestions to get your own library. 

Mini Library Just For You

Yes, we all have those fantasies of walking to an old library of a big mansion and reading for an entire day there. But then reality hits in; yes, we have to stop this reality from interrupting us all the time. So, why not build ourselves a miniature library even if you live in a small apartment?

1. A Wall Of Shelves

If you do not have the option to add an extra shelf, build a shelf against your wall. If you have an empty wall, you have an entire canvas. Choose a rustic wood color for yourself if you want a vintage look for your library. You can either have one side of the room with a tall shelf or have an entire wall with ceiling-touching cabinets to keep your books.

If you find it difficult to understand exactly which area would look great for your mini library experiment, then why not get software like Planner 5D? Download the software for free from the pirate bay. This gives you a visual representation of your entire house. You can decorate it virtually before you can physically start building the shelf.

2. Mood Lighting

Your library will not have the same aesthetic if you do not add mood lighting to it. It is so much better when you have a vintage replica lamp or a lantern-style lamp. Or you can also get mood lighting through a small chandelier or shelf lighting for your books. There are so many options for lighting; you can decorate it in terms of your library aesthetic, the color of the room, or something which will make your curtains shine. If you do not know what to use, you can always get some yellow lights and fairy lights. The simplest makeover, but do not forget the lamp as you will need decent light to read.

3. Vintage Ladder

The vintage ladder is that one lament which you can bring from the aristocratic libraries to your small NYC library. This is a small ladder that casually lays against the shelf, and it is used to get books from higher shelves. In your room, it is not just an accessory because you are, in fact, using this item to help yourself to pick books as well.

4. Make It Cozy

This will add character to your library. The entire library aesthetic will make that little room turn into your very own safe haven. Here are some of the common details to which you can add that rustic library aesthetic to it.

  • Long stem candles.
  •  Lamps with green or copper lamp shades.
  • Hardbound books (as many as you have).
  • A typewriter or equal to take notes about the books you read.
  • A quilt for the times when it gets cold.
  • Long curtains which give the feel of long french windows.
  • If possible, you can even invest in an electric fireplace.

5. Comfortable Seating

Without this, you cannot relax. You can either add a small desk if you wish to work there the times you are not reading. But, you can also add a cozy, comfortable chair near a window (if you have a window in that room) and make yourself a cozy seating area for reading. A book lover will testify to this. You need the perfect seating area if you wish to get right into the book and explore the story perfectly. Get a small coffee table beside your seating area if you are not using a big table.

Now You Can Sit & Relax!

Now That you have your perfect library within budget, you can finally sit in there at the end of the day and relax. There is nothing wrong with taking a part of your closet and turning it into a library. After all, for a bookworm, a walk in the library is more appealing than a walk in the closet.

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