Triggered by the discussion about the hero of the stones, which we don’t want to go into here anymore because it just annoys, we have given some thought to what alternatives there are to Lego.

It should not be about 1:1 replicas or cheap copies, we do not want to support such a thing and consider it questionable.

It should really be about your own clamping block sets (clamping block is a strange name, right? But that’s the name of the bricks, even Lego bricks are actually clamping bricks 😉 )

Lego alternatives

I’ve been a Lego fan for over 20 years and always will be, but so much has happened in the market in recent years and the new providers just deserve a chance. how big is 1 16 scale rc car someone who orders almost exclusively on Amazon because I’m just sure it works. Nevertheless, I have now taken the trouble and have taken a closer look at a total of 17 clamp module shops, this extensive overview can be found here

However, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the Lego alternatives, so I would like to briefly introduce you to my favorites here. These are Lego alternatives that I have either already tested myself or of which I have only heard positive things so far.

The currently most popular clamping modules on Amazon can be found here*


Cada is especially well known for the Ferrari and the video of the “hero” and I also have to say here that there are really great sets from Cada that really deserve the name Lego Alternative. Price-performance is top, the sets thought out, and are really fun to set up.


We have already introduced you to the Polish clamping module manufacturer in detail, a lot in the military and tank segment on the road can really convince the sets, the clamping blocks, and the overall concept of Cobi


MouldKing has made a not entirely uncontroversial brand with its brazen copies. Nevertheless, I took a closer look at a MouldKing clamping block set and I have to say it was great. Great set, here (on you can read more about it


The clamping module manufacturer OATop was not so familiar to me, but definitely make an interesting impression, especially since the train and house models look exciting.

So far I have only heard good things from OAtop you will soon convince me again about it yourself


Originally, the Qman sets were intended more for toddlers, but in the meantime the range of Qman strak has expanded. Great Lego alternative at top prices can be found at Qman,

Yes, I don’t like copies, I’m still on this point of view, especially with current models, whether Star Wars or the Muscle Cars, I would only buy something like that to see how it is, but preferably not at all.

The crawler excavator as a Lego Technic alternative actually falls into this category, but somehow it is something else, the Lego equivalent is the Technic excavator 8043 from 2010, not officially available for years and only at outrageously expensive prices on the open market.

That’s why I wanted to take a look at the alternative from Mould King and ordered it shortly before Christmas. Over the holidays we were able to set up the set and what can I say, that’s really good.

The clamping blocks fit perfectly, the structure is well thought out and well described, the electrical functions work cleanly and all in all, the “alternative” crawler excavator is a really good clamping block set.

In order not to make the article here too confusing, I present the Mould King crawler excavator again extra.

Just hyped Lego Technic Alternative – Cada Masters Ferrari

No matter where you look, if you are looking for a Lego Technic alternative or ask, the Cada Masters Ferrari is recommended relatively quickly (Cada C61042), several Youtubers, including the hero of the bricks have recommended this set (Especially compared to the new Lego Ferrari for the same price)

Klemmbaustein Shops

It feels like there is a new clamping block shop every week, here you have to be a bit careful. Many now try to take the hype a bit with them and offer you particularly cheap Lego, something you should always enjoy with caution.

Of course, it always depends on what you are interested in, whether architecture or rather Star Wars, I’m just a bit technic crazy and have accordingly many Lego Technic sets, unfortunately I don’t really get around to building them up at the moment, but maybe that changes in the cold season. Either way, I wanted to present you an interesting Lego alternative from the Technic area

Cada 919 Porsche with 1586 parts

The Cada Porsche is available with a length of almost 50 cm and almost 1600 parts for around 70 euros. Which is really an extremely good price. best rc car parts in addition to the very cool design, the Cada Porsche can also convince with some great functions, best explained here in the video of the hero of the stones

Cada Porsche = Modbrix Porsche?

No idea why, but on Amazon the Cada Porsche runs under “Modbrix”. At first I thought that both providers have the same model. But if you take a closer look, you can see the Cada stickers at the Amazon offer. No idea where the error lies here, but so be it

Update on the Lego Alternative (February 2019):

The article here is not so old, but there is already an update. We bought a few of the possible Lego alternatives and these have now arrived.

We bought 2 Lego tanks, one from Bluebrixx the other from Cobi and a remote-controlled car from CaDA.

What Lego alternatives are there?

We have already asked the question in our toy forum (here to the post) and also there Cobi quickly noticed. The company from Poland has been offering different Lego alternatives for some time. The first Cobi model is assembled, here more

Furthermore, through the cooperation with Custombricks, we mentioned the company Bluebrixx, which is probably similar to Cobi also strongly active in the military sector, but now also builds more and more with and for Custombricks (more on that later)

Then we tried to find other companies that offer Lego alternatives, and of course we also came across one or the other video, for example of “Brick Freaks” who refer to the shop of and especially to the good quality of Xingbao. Here we are a bit divided, because the proximity of the shop to Lepin and the plagiarism is already given. Hm, we will deal with the products and possibilities at yourwobb and will then add information here.

Maybe “Brick Freaks” reads along here and can say a little more about it?

Update (05.02.2019): In the meantime, the first Lego alternatives have arrived, so our orders are through. Including a Lego tank (from Bluebrixx) actually we thought to have ordered the one from Cobi, but somehow that probably went down ? well, we made up for it today and will probably come this week.

In addition to the tanks, we also bought a “Lego” RC model from CaDA. Ok it’s not a Lego model, but you know what we mean. We will probably build all three sets together, let’s see how that fits best.

Lego Alternatives China

of course, most Lego alternatives come from China and these are not only bad plagiarism, but really own sets and innovations.

But there are also as with Cobi, Lego alternatives from other countries, in the case of Cobi from Poland

Lego Alternatives by Theme

Of course, most Lego alternative providers have their own themes, such as Bluebrixx or Cobi with the WW2 or general in the military sector.

But also Lego themes are taken up, so there is a crawler excavator from Modbrix and from Bluebrixx the well-known fire brigade models.

So yes of course, there are also Lego Technic or City adaptations among the Lego alternatives

Lego Alternative Manufacturers List:







Lego alternatives for adults

Of course, Lego also offers sets for adults, such as the Technic models. But there are no real adult sets, here for example in the military sector with tanks, airplanes or large battleships such as the Lego Bismarck

Lego Alternative FAQ

How much do Lego alternatives cost?

With Lego one always speaks of cost per brick and most Lego alternatives are clearly cheap than the toy manufacturer from Denmark.