One of my fondest memories from my childhood was playing with the foosball table that was in my great aunt’s basement.  It was old, with weathered wood and figures with chipped paint.  The soccer balls were almost entirely smooth from how much they had been played with, and you could not even see the black spots on them anymore.

Yet, it remained an incredibly fun game.  I would pick it before my handheld gaming systems, even, and drag my younger brother along for the ride.  He tended to be a lot poutier about that, but we always ended up having a blast.  Besides my nostalgia, though, what makes them such fun?

  • Unplugging for Awhile

When I say “unplugging,” I am referring to the idea of turning off our technology, or at least minimizing our use of it for an extended period of time.  You can learn more about it in this article, but I think it is most important to note that it can help us more if we do it together with someone.  So, encouraging your family or your friends to join in on it with you can be helpful. They might wonder what to do in all of that time.  One option you can offer is foosball!  It might not be air hockey or football, but you can have a surprising amount of fun playing these mini soccer games, too!

  • Connect With People

I am sure this sounds cheesy, but the opportunity to connect with people can be really awesome.  While it can be difficult to take that first step and reach out, you will find that it is worth it when you do!  Sure, foosball tables definitely are not the only way that we can connect with others, but it is a fun and easy method of doing so.

Invite your friends over and spend a fun weekend together!  What is great about it is you can multi-task, too – consider making some cocktails and watching a fun movie while you play, for example.  It is hard to go wrong.

  •  Flex Your Competitive Muscles

This might not be applicable to everyone, but I know that I am a very competitive person when given the chance.  A chill activity like foosball gives me the chance to capitalize on that side of myself without actually hurting anyone in the process.  Instead, I can have fun with it and be playful about it!

More often than not, one of my friends or family members is more than happy to lean into that side of themselves too.  Sometimes we make playful bets for something like a quarter, too!  It is up to you on how you can make it more engaging, if that is something you might enjoy.

  • Low Intensity Exercise

I am sure you do not think of playing foosball as a form of exercise, but the fact of the matter is that you have to be active to participate in it!  Sure, it is not a high intensity cardio session or weightlifting session, but it still letting you get your body moving.  I think that a lot of us are hesitant to try working out because it seems intimidating.

If we utilize activities like this one, though, we can encourage ourselves to get moving without too much pressure.  If you are not familiar with the concept, you can try looking at a resource like this one,  It can help you get a good picture of why this type of exercise is valuable for everyone, even those who are regularly active!

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This is another very cheesy concept, but I think it is still worth mentioning.  Usually, when we play a round, we end up having a partner.  It is almost impossible to win if you do not work together!  So, that is what I mean by this. It might not seem like an applicable skill but learning to work together and in sync with someone is a very valuable thing to have.  Obviously, this context is in a small way, but we can expand that and look outwards to use it in other parts of our lives.  So, I think that it is still worth bringing up!

All in all, foosball is a fun activity that can be fun for anyone.  It does not require any prior experience or skills and it is easy to learn in an afternoon!  We can have a fun get together with friends and/or family members.  Even if only four people can play at once, a lot of people can have just as fun watching a match – especially when they are getting competitive and excitable.  With that in mind, those are five reasons that I recommend getting one.  Hopefully you can form your own memories!