Are you a vendor looking to take your jewelry trade to the online world? Selling diamond jewelry online can entail many things from selecting your niche to finding customers. You need to gain visibility because the online space is fiercely competitive.

The introduction of eCommerce platforms has made selling online a popular venture for many traders. There are several ways to sell online from the marketplace to selling on your website. 

There are several tools to get you started. However, selling online is more than uploading a few of your jewelry merchandise. There are important considerations to put in mind when selling online.

You want to quickly decide what type of diamond to deal in. There are different types and grades of diamonds. Averagely, people feel that diamonds are naturally pricey. So, you must pick out a target audience.

You also need expertise as well as the right information. In this article, you will get a rundown of what it entails to start a jewelry business as well as tips to start selling online.

Types of Diamonds You Can Sell Online

For a diamond jewelry business online, there are two major types of diamonds you can retail online. These include;

1. Natural or Mined Diamonds

Natural diamonds are mined from the Earth’s crust. These diamonds form on the Earth over several millions of years. People are usually enamored with natural diamonds because of the fairytale attachment and its precedence as a symbol of royalty.

However, the cost of manpower and the rigorous excavation it takes to mine these types of diamonds makes it very expensive. Not to mention, the process of ensuring that it is ethically sourced can be costly too.

2. Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds, as the name suggests, are diamonds grown in lab-controlled facilities. It is a good alternative to natural diamonds because they are similar in quality and chemical composition.

Perhaps the one big difference that exists is the fact that lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than naturally mined diamonds. It takes fewer resources to produce. It also produces fewer carbon emissions, thus making it eco-friendly.

As a more affordable alternative, retailing lab grown diamonds can be your forte in the online space. There is a market for it as we’ll examine below.

Popular Jewelry Trend: Lab Created Diamond Rings

Do you need some tips on what type of popular jewelry has a high market demand? Go for the rings. Statistics show a 63% increase in sales for lab-created diamond rings as against last year. This rise is possible because of its low price range in comparison with natural diamonds.

Lab grown diamond engagement rings are ethically sourced. It can be retailed in different shapes. Lab created diamonds come in different shapes and cuts.

Diamond Shapes vs Diamond Cuts

Before you start selling jewelry online, it is essential that you know the different terminologies associated with diamonds.

1. Diamond Shapes

Diamond jewelry comes in different shapes. For lab-created diamond rings, there are popular shapes that you can begin selling online. The shape of a diamond is important depending on the occasion it serves.

Diamond shapes can either be round or square. The round diamond has a more traditional feel. Square diamond (princess cut) is commonly used for engagement rings. Other variations are called fancy shapes. They include pear, heart, cushion, marquise, etc.

2. Diamond Cuts

The diamond cut is the one factor you need to keep your eyes on as you go into selling online. Your customers will want the best cut. The diamond cut is responsible for the dazzle around diamonds.

It is one of the four C’s when it comes to grading diamonds. Because light passes through the cut, creating a big impact on its beauty.

How to Start Selling Online

How to Start Selling Online

Now that you are aware of the nitty gritty of the diamond jewelry business. How do you sell online? There is always the option of a lazy shortcut where you throw in some random product online and hope for the best. But, it never ends well. So, here are some good steps to know before selling online.

1. Create a Business Identity

It includes the name, vision, and goal for setting up the business. The vision and goal of your jewelry business show where you intend to be in the future. You should know what you intend to accomplish in the marketplace over a definite time.

Choose a suitable name that properly represents your jewelry niche. Check to be sure another vendor hasn’t already registered the name. And of course, record your own business as a legal entity to remain on the good side of the authorities.

2. Choose Your Platform

Decide what platforms you are going to market your jewelry. It can be an online marketplace or your website. There are popular marketplaces where you can begin selling your lab-grown diamonds.

If you decide to create a website, take care to choose a good domain. The domain is as important as what you intend to sell. The last thing you want is customers having a hard time finding you online. A good domain name makes it easy for potential customers to find you online. 

3. Advertise Your Products

Get the word out there on what you sell. If you deal in lab-created engagement rings, ear studs, or bracelets, let the world know about it. The goal is to stay visible. If you’re visible, you’re discoverable.

Run targeted ads too. Ads are important to gaining online traffic. You can run targeted ads to an age range likely to be needing wedding day diamonds. You can also set your targets for specific regions.

Lab-created diamonds have a good market demand mainly because of their quality as a cheap and viable alternative. The market online is boundless. If you have the right marketing strategies, you should prove hugely successful.


Selling online is competitive, so get expertise and the right information before venturing out. Create a business identity as well as a plan of action. Lab-grown diamonds have a good market demand because of their antecedence.

A big draw to selling online is that your business goes where you go. So, there is no limit to the number of sales you can make 24/7.

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