Pnpcoda is a web application launched by the government of the Philippines, this term is basically related to the collection of data when Covid 19 was at its peak. It is an acronym for the Philippines National Police. Pnpcoda holds the records of vaccinated people including civilians and police.

In those hard times, this website was a great initiative to manage the records and make the vaccination process easy and secure. People can get access to this website so in this article, we are going to discuss the registration and login process.

Furthermore, this website is accessible to the residents of the Philippines only. If you want to see records on pnpcoda net then read this article all the way to the end!

Importance of Pnpcoda:

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the whole world suffered a lot and every country tried its best to provide the proper vaccination to all the people. In order to easily handle the situation, the government of the Philippines started uploading records about the health of citizens.

Pnpcoda aided much in the management of things for the employees in order to guarantee that everyone is secure in the city. The system is updated regularly and it also raises the awareness in the people by providing instructions. It’s the easiest way to approach more people in less time.

How to get yourself registered on Pnpcoda?



The signup process is short; you can make an account by entering the email address of an existing active/registered account, such as your Google account. You can also signup through Twitter and LinkedIn if you don’t want to use the already registered ID, here is how to do that:

  •         Visit the official website and decide to continue the signup process through any of the above options.
  •         Now type in your name, phone number, and email address.
  •         You will receive a code either on your phone or mobile.
  •         You are now ready to log in to pnpcoda after entering the code.

Now you will be able to see the database and download the data by visiting the website, you must log in first in order to get access to this platform.

How to Log in on Pnpcoda?

Now that you know about the registration process of pnpcoda, let’s learn about its login process:

  •         Make sure that you are a civilian of the Philippines otherwise it will all go in vain.
  •         Now, open the official website of Pnpcoda and click on login.
  •         As you already created an account by following the guidelines discussed above, provide the account number.
  •         Enter the password and click to proceed further.

To use this website effectively, you must accept cookies. Now you can quickly keep track of what’s going on in your country. This website has a lot more so you can explore after that you are logged in, if you want to know more about pnpcoda then keep reading!

Is there a Pnpcoda app available to download?

Yes, if you are an android user, you can easily download the app by following these simple steps:

  •         Open the browser and visit:
  •         After that, you’ll be redirected to the official Google Play page.
  •         You can easily install the pnpcoda app from this page.

After following this process, you can easily extract the information and download the data through your mobile.

What is a QR code in Pnpcoda?

The QR code is generated when you log in, so if you want one for yourself, enter your account number, payslip number, and date of birth.

You may quickly retrieve your data after clicking on search. By selecting the data, you can now generate the QR code.

Pros and Cons of using Pnpcoda:

Now that you know practically everything there is to know about this website, let’s talk about the advantages of being a member. However, there are certain hazards associated with the pnpcoda net.


  •         Pnpcoda provides a user-friendly experience and its security system is highly efficient to ensure the security of the users.
  •         The website is completely free to use, even the templates.
  •         The registration and login process is easy so the users can get access to their data and download it from the website.
  •         People can easily learn new things and get updated about the situation.


  •         Unfortunately, these advantages are only for the people of the Philippines, and no outsider is allowed to get any sort of benefit.
  •         As this website contains a huge amount of data including the personal information of many people, hackers will try to steal the information.

Things you need to know about Pnpcoda:

If you are thinking to become a member of this website, read these points before starting the process:

  •         You should know that your data is safe with pnpcoda and you can trust this website with your personal information.
  •         You can get access to this website by using your mobile as well. Download the application on your android device and get started with it.
  •         Huge amount of data could be handled by this website easily.
  •         The highly efficient security systems are installed to ensure your security.
  •         Pnpcoda is a great source of information for the common people and they can easily get updates through this website.
  •         This website also helped in increasing awareness throughout the dark times of Covid 19.
  •         The registration and login process is very simple and you can access your data in no time.


Pnpcoda was a fantastic effort by the Philippine government to maintain civilian immunization records. This website provides useful features to the people, including accessing the database and extracting and downloading data.

Pnpcoda has free templates to use and it is 100 percent safe. We hope you liked reading this article, now that you know about its registration and login process, you start the process right away!

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