The most difficult and daunting task is to find good and safe accommodation for ladies in a new city or area. The options are also very limited if the person looking for a place is a youngster, either it will be a rented flat or a pg.

Both these options vary from each other in many ways. The increasing population and job opportunities have led to an increase in the pg and flats.

These pg’s and flats are usually located in specific areas as per the convenience of the tenants. For example, Pg in electronic city phase 1 for ladies is one of the best options. 

Most of the migrants are single and prefer economical options with all the facilities like food, drinking water, and television included. Most of the pg will provide these basic amenities with the accommodation but the scenario is not the same with apartments. The apartment surely gives a sense of freedom and privacy to the tenant but all this comes at a cost which is to be paid by the tenant in addition to the house bills.

There are multiple factors that come into the picture while looking for accommodation and that’s why you need to have a basic knowledge about pg and apartments. A new location comes with numerous barriers like language barriers, and not knowing the areas that would suit you financially and location-wise.

Why is pg a better option in Bangalore and for whom?

Being a metropolitan city Bangalore’s expenses are higher in comparison to smaller cities in India. When individual plans to move into an apartment he has to pay higher security, electricity and water charges, cleaning services, and much more all by himself. On the contrary, pg has most of these amenities included in the rent, like electricity, water, laundry, and sometimes food as well.

Working and studying individuals do not have the time to manage an apartment all by themselves as they are busy with their own office or college work. Some of the pg also provide an air conditioner and fridge facility which is a luxury appliance and will require a huge amount if one plans to purchase it for the apartment.     

Bangalore is a place with unlimited opportunities and that’s why people come to Bangalore for job hunting. These are the times when the budgets are thin for the job hunters and they cannot afford to rent a personal apartment, this is when the pg accommodation suits the best.

Other than the financial aspect, there are more reasons why pg is better for ladies:

  • Pg is a cost-effective way of living, there are no fixed costs attached to it and no requirement of huge initial investments in setting up.
  • You always have someone with you to talk to or help you in your time of need.
  • Pgs are very safe and secure in Bangalore for ladies, the CCTV coverage, landowners, pg mates, and neighbors are always there for help.
  • One very important factor of pg is that is readily available, one can move in that very moment with all the amenities in place.
  • Rent payment for pg is on monthly basis and no cheques are to be given which is feasible for both students and working professionals. 
  • Pg is like a home away from your home, you have people to talk to and share your homely chores with.
  • Normally people choose pg which are located close to their workplace or college, which saves a lot of time, energy, and money.
  • Pg in electronic city phase 1 Bangalore is one of the locations which has the best and safest pg available for ladies. 

Why apartment is a better option in Bangalore for people who can spend more?

People who do not have any budget constraints and prefer privacy and personal open space have an inclination towards apartments in comparison to pg. Normally the apartments are ideal for a family as they require more space, privacy, and comfort also they can decorate the house as per their preference.

A personal apartment gives you the freedom of inviting guests to your place, be it your family or friends.

A personal apartment is a setup as per your own needs and requirements but in a pg the person has to adjust and cooperate as per the house rules but this freedom has a financial cost.


Both apartments and the pg houses have several pros and cons to offer. Selecting an apartment as an option will provide you with a bigger area with luxuries, but then you will have to pay extra rent and other additional costs with it. However, for young and single ladies pg is a better option in terms of financial burden, comfort, responsibilities, and security. This is why Bangalore is a hub for so many new entries in the pg business and all are better than the other in terms of facilities.

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