Does your cell phone battery decrease very fast? Are you always in search of a power socket? With excessive use of cell phones these days everyone is in search of a power socket thanks to the battery running out very quickly. Are you one of those who blame the manufacturer for the battery running out? Or you run to find a technician at mobile repair shops. The sad truth is that it is not the manufacturer’s issue rather it is an operating error. Let us see a few of the things that can be done to reduce battery drainage quickly.

Top Causes of Battery Drainage mentioned by Mobile Repair Shops

 Let us see ways In which we can efficiently improve the battery life of the cell phone and minimize the visit to a mobile repair shop.

Is your charging port clean?

One of the basic reasons the battery drainage occurs so quickly is that the charging port is not cleaned properly. All of us clean our phones regularly but what we forget is the charging port. It gets quite dirty from lint and debris inside the pocket/ purse that is easily stuck inside the port. Cleaning it with a Q-tip or a toothpick often will show you results quickly by showing how effective the charging has become. This results in a reduced visit to the cell phone repair store in Antioch.

Are you always on the lookout for bright wallpapers?

It is always exciting to decorate your cell phone screen with bright wall phone paper but it is one of the major reasons the cell phone’s battery gets drained out so quickly. The wallpaper is always there, no matter if you are checking your emails or just the phone logs. This will eat up the battery. The same applies to live and moving wallpapers. They are an enemy of the cell phone’s battery. Thus, it is best to use black and white wallpapers. They are able to conserve the smartphone’s battery and also look aesthetically pleasing on your smartphone.

Do you hold your cell phone in your hand?

Another reason for quick cell phone battery drainage is that you carry your smartphone in hand. Every time when there is a temperature rise the phone starts heating up. Carrying it in your hand accentuates the situation as the warmth of the hand adds to the temperature rise in the phone. To prevent your smartphone battery from overheating and draining quickly, it’s advisable to keep it in your pocket, purse, or backpack, especially during hot weather or heat waves. Checking recommendations from informational blogs like can provide additional tips for smartphone battery care.

You don’t have the habit of closing the ongoing programs properly

Most people check their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook regularly but forget to close the programs. As a result, these applications keep on running in the background resulting in a short battery span. So always make it a rule to close the application properly once the task is finished as a result there will be no unnecessary programs functioning at the back end draining all the battery.

Still, have a battery drainage issue?

If, after taking care of all the above-mentioned steps and inculcating them in your everyday life, you still face battery drainage issues then it is best to get it checked by technicians at a mobile repair shop like EE Repair. They are in business for quite a while and serving their customers to their full potential.

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