Insurgency: Sandstorm can be a challenging game to master. These are the top mistakes players should avoid.

crisis: Sandstorm became available for Playstation 2 and Xbox 3 consoles on September 29th. The game has been available for PC since long but it was only released on consoles for the first time. Crossplay is possible between Xbox and Playstation but not with PC. Insurgency, also known as Sandstorm, is a military sim. It focuses on teamwork and has limited life spans in most game modes.

Nearly all the weapons can be killed in one to two shots. Skills acquired in other games like Apex Legends and Call of Duty won’t always translate into Insurgency. It’s slower than other first person shooters and requires patience, precision, and communication. The game is difficult to learn for new players as it has a steep learning curve. These are the errors you should avoid when creating Insurgency Storm. Do You Know Insurgent: Sandstorm is Cross Play.

Underutilizing Smoke Grenades

The smoke grenades are the most important piece of equipment in the arsenal undercovery: Sandstorm. Although they are not flashy or deadly, they provide unmatched utility in the meta-game. Maps used by theInsurgency almost entirely rely on lines of sight. Defenders will need to protect different routes as attackers advance. Defenders are often found in places that make them difficult to see from afar.

How does an average attacker get across a seemingly impossible street? Smoke. Smoke. Smoke grenades are able to block lines of sight and allow defenders spray into the gray clouds. Insurgency is limited in ammunition so it’s always a good thing to make your enemy give away their ammo. Smoke is the key to winning or losing an attack.

It is impossible to work in a group.

Standard arcade shooters do not require communication and teamwork. Although there are many lobbies to choose from, one player can lead the whole team without saying a word. Insurgency is not like this. Sandstorm. This game is about teamwork. Simple tasks such as pinging danger on the compass can save lives. It’s a great idea to have small groups work together and support one another from different angles.

In Insurgency Running forward with a single-person army will not work. The player will instead be on the sidelines watching for survivors until the next respawn. Most game modes have respawns that aren’t instantaneous and happen in waves. However, Call of Duty Or Battlefield You can quickly respawn one player. Insurgency requires that downed members of the team wait until the next wave to spawn. These waves are very limited so don’t waste your time.

Use the Commander & Watcher Roles in Negative Ways

Insurgency offers a loose classification system which allows players to choose common roles like “Marksman” and “Demolitions”. Unique to the game are the roles of the “Commander” and “Observer”. Special attacks can be called down as long as the Commander has an Observer, who is someone who listens to radio. Commandos can call in support helicopters and mortar strikes, as well as smoke bombs. These resources are not unlimited so it is vital that an Observer (the radio operator) is always available.

This role should not be taken on by people who don’t know how to use maps or are unable to use their skills as needed. These roles can pose a risk to the team and could lead to lost opportunities. While it’s okay to want to learn these roles, it is better to get help from others before jumping in.

Overburdening the Soldier

Insurgency uses a different weight system than other shooters. The more equipment a soldier brings, the slower they will move. This is a real problem, even though it may seem annoying. This can lead to a decrease of stamina, slower movements speed and slower vaulting. These negative effects may not be significant for a heavy machine gunner trying to avoid fighting but can seriously cripple a Demolitions soldier sneaking up on the enemy. Be aware of the class you have selected by paying attention to the weight bar at the top of your class setup screen.

Angles are not to be ignored

Insurgency has two main tasks. One is to keep the points of common crossing and entry open for all players. It’s not about getting three kills or sliding across the map. It is possible to make the game more enjoyable, but it is not always the best choice. Playing the objective and having good angles will result in more wins and kills that sprinting around like a madman.

Because of the complexity of holding angles correctly, it is important to have a good understanding of maps and general knowledge regarding spawns. This tip will help you improve your skills. You should pay attention to areas on one side and then try to find those spots when they switch sides. As you become more familiar with the map, you will begin to notice common angles and flank routes. Your map knowledge will also improve. 

Neglecting the Goal

Nearly all the game modes insurgency offer can be played objectively. Modes like “Domination”, which are casual but still emphasize capturing control points, are less formal. Playing the objective is the only way to win Insurgency. The objective will see most players fighting there, so it will not be surprising that new players are often forced to play there.

When an objective is being captured, players will often forget about it. They may want to maintain high K/D ratios, but this is not often the case in Insurgency.

You Must Forget A Gas Mask

It’s easy to forget to bring your gas mask when you go to battle. The gas mask can be found in the class setup screen, just below the armor slots. Forgetting to wear a gas mask can have a variety of consequences. The most common consequence is for the player character to choke on smoke while entering the gas mask. It doesn’t affect aim, shake the screen or cause any other effects like other games. However, it may allow enemy players to hear this. This could lead to untimely death or reveal the player’s exact location.

Insurgent commanders also have the option of chemical mortar strikes. It can be identified by the red color of the gas. Any player not wearing a gas mask will be quickly killed. The same applies to other Insurgents. Insurgency can be described as friendly fire. Sandstorm, chemical bombers and chemical mortars take no prisoners.

Sprinting into Combat

Sprinting into combat is a common mistake for players of all skill levels. Insurgency and Sandstorm is slower than other shooters. It takes a lot of time to sprint from fire to fire. A player who walks forward can aim down their sights to light the fire, while a sprinter can’t. A lot of players prefer to keep their angles down and will win almost every match against a sprinter.

However, this doesn’t mean that the player must walk everywhere. When moving between buildings or covering active firefights, it is important to use spriting. When sprinting into a gunfight they should be cautious, especially if they’re aware of nearby enemy combatants. A player who acts like a chicken with no head will almost always lose in a gunfight. Be careful and choose the right moment to sprint.

The Compass is ignored

The default in-game compass doesn’t work. Players should make sure they verify the settings before enabling the compass. The default key for communication on PC is P.

Players with voice chat disabled can see red danger flashes in their compass if another player pings danger. This information could mean the difference between life and death. Pay close attention.

Spraying weapons

Insurgency. Sandstorm attempts to be realistic in all situations. Sandstorm’s guns can feel heavy and the recoil may be quite harsh. The player can spray any gun in the game and shoot the sun above. Tap firing is the best method to fire most engagements. Submachine guns and pistols are lighter in recoil but they work better in full-auto mode. They lack range and bullet velocity.

To get a feel for the weapon’s recoil, AI matches against bots can be played. These guns are more difficult than other FPS guns, and require a lot of time.

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