Raising teenagers is a task alone, let alone having to deal with teenage daughters as a single father – we can totally understand the struggle and challenges that might come your way. Teenagers tend to be tumultuous and rebellious, and raising them is a struggle for parents – but it usually becomes more manageable when there are two of them.

As a single parent, there is a lot you have to be careful about – along with making sure you compensate for the loss your children have to live with. This problem intensifies when you’re a single father trying to raise your teenage daughters alone. Father-daughter relationships are notorious for being rocky, and without the presence of a mother, daughters are more likely to become even more challenging to deal with.

Therefore, Jonah Engler decided to share a few tips that can help a single father raise their teenage daughters. If you are a single dad looking for some tips, keep reading!

Tips for Single Fathers Raising Teenage Daughters

1.      Educate Yourself About Girls and Their Development

There is no doubt that boys and girls have different experiences with teenage, and it is natural for you as a father to not know how girls develop in their teenage years. However, it is never too late to learn or educate yourself about it.

Their many different stages of adolescence, and girls go through drastic psychological, hormonal, and physical changes throughout puberty in these years. Therefore, Jonah Engler advises that it is essential for you to know your daughter’s needs at all those stages, to be there for them as a father figure.

2.      Have an Open Channel of Communication

Communication is the key to any relationship, and you cannot build a strong relationship with your daughter if you do not have an open channel of communication between each other. It is natural for fathers to be more hesitant with their daughters, especially when sharing their personal experiences. However, as a father, it’s your job to make sure your girls are comfortable with you and do not feel like they are missing something in their life. Jonah Engler says one easy way to do that is to establish easy communication among each other from the very start. Be a good listener and skip the lectures. Try to listen and understand what they have to say before becoming strict. You need them to feel heard and understood, not scolded and misunderstood.

3.      Seek Help from a Female

Even though having an open channel of communication is essential – there are certain things that you can deal with eventually. Some items can be hard for you to understand or for your daughter to explain to you. There is no harm in seeking help from a female to help you out in such a case. This can be your daughter’s grandmother, aunt, elder cousin, or friend – it can be any woman you are sure your daughters will feel comfortable with and won’t hesitate to talk to. This doesn’t mean you’re not responsible anymore; as a father, you still have your role, but another female can help mentor your kids.

Wrapping Up!

There is no doubt that raising children as a single parent is difficult, but it becomes even more challenging when you are a single dad with teenage daughters. Therefore, Jonah Engler decided to help single fathers build stronger relationships with their daughters. Follow these tips, and we are sure you will be able to qualify as a good dad in no time!

Despite the fact that having an open channel of correspondence is fundamental – there are sure things that you can manage in the long run. A few things can be difficult for you to comprehend or for your girl to clarify for you. There is no mischief in looking for help from a female to help you out in such a case. This can be your girl’s grandma, auntie, senior cousin


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