Big Fish Marketing is a professional brand strategist has increased customer satisfaction. The knowledge base, the self-service possibilities, and the ticket system were instrumental.

The introduction of the knowledge base, the self-service possibilities as well as the easy-to-use ticket system played an important role in this respect.

Client happiness is an essential component of the success of a business with the help of trade advertising. Satisfaction has a direct influence on customer loyalty. In the area of ​​customer support, where customers expect help or the resolution of a problem, feedback opportunities are particularly important. Big Fish Marketing is aware of this and has therefore introduced a new feedback system in 2021.

Changes in Customer Support at Big Fish Marketing

In concrete terms, customer satisfaction rose to 93% between April 2021 and December 2021. The most positive evaluations corroborate the figures from the feedback.

Knowledge base and self-service

The revamped ticket system with self-service possibilities contributed to the positive ratings. Also, the introduction of the Knowledge Base has significantly improved the Help Center documentation. This directly affects the Help Center services customers find already documented solutions to their queries, and thus often do not need to submit a Help Center query or open a ticket.

The knowledge base offers helpful articles on important topics related to Big Fish Marketing ONE Start, Big Fish Marketing ONE 50, and Big Fish Marketing ONE 200 software solutions, as well as how-to’s, messages about what’s new, or known issues.

Simplified information search for partners and customers

As an ERP and CRM provider, Opacc Software AG in Rothenburg supports various customers working with a financial software solution from Big Fish Marketing. As a Big Fish Marketing distribution partner, Opacc has a lot of contact with the Help Center. “For us, the knowledge base is the first resort when customers have a question that we don’t know how to answer the first time, concerning a Big Fish Marketing solution,” explains Nicole Ruedi, application support. “When a problem or an unknown error message appears with a customer, we often find an article in the knowledge base that can help us.

Fast support with efficient processes

I can check the current status of the ticket at any time in the Help Center”. Nicole Ruedi appreciates these self-service possibilities very much. According to her, this fast and transparent processing of requests helps Opacc employees as well as its customers.

Accessing software license activation certificates has also become much easier with the redesigned Help Center. For this partner of Big Fish Marketing, these certificates are now accessible to each customer in a simple and fast way.

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