Making sure you have online reviews is among the most effective actions you can take for your company. The majority of consumers opting to act following reviews posted by customers It’s clear that reviews are beneficial to small-scale companies. In reality, 15 percent of your customers will doubt their trust in your business and might not believe your company’s credibility on its on its own if it has no online reviews.

No matter if you’re a local firm or a well-known company, testimonials have an important role in the minds of your customers. When you demonstrate your service to customers with glowing testimonials, excellent star ratingsand favorable reviews, you offer confidence to potential customers who are considering doing business with your company.

But getting those stellar reviews isn’t an something that’s easy. It is important to increase your local SEO , and also rank in the top positions on Google This aspiration might lead you to buy Google reviews.

Let’s stop that idea in the early stages: don’t buy Google reviews.

Learn more about the way this unsavory technique to improve your search engine rankings and your online reputation could harm your business, and eventually undermine your customers’ faith in your business.

Why You Should NOT Buy Google Reviews

What is this idea about “buy google reviews“? This could happen in broad terms, two distinct ways.

First of all, a company that wants to see its Google My Business listing flooded with reviews and star ratings could resort to hiring or hiring unethical companies to publish an enormous amount of fake reviews.

For instance, a company might provide complementary services or a money back guarantee, or a generous discount when you leave reviews of 5 stars on Google. In this scenario reviews are written by real and authentic customers. Certain businesses argue the fact that this is ethical.

However, the negative consequences of purchasing reviews could cause devastating damage to your business. These are the main reasons you should avoid buy Google reviews. Google’s guidelines are very explicit about the conditions and terms, and the best practices for reviews. In the end, a review should be a true and independent reflection of a consumer’s experience with your company.

Any behavior that crosses the edge of deceitful representation by luring your customers into believing you are manipulating the ratings of your customers through fake reviews is considered to be very serious by Google’s support staff.

Google might go so that they will punish firms by removing its Google My Business listing altogether.

What could you do to draw new customers to the platform? Absolutely nothing.

It’s also more risky in the USA in the United States, where it is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has begun taking actions against companies who solicit fraudulent reviews.

Customers Specifically Mention the Incentives in Their Reviews

Let’s suppose you’re a local electrician or plumbing company. You gave a satisfied customer an unrestricted referral or even a store credit of $20 on the equipment they purchase if they write an overall 5-star rating and feedback on Google.

The reviewer writes in their review “Their service is amazing! They even gave me $20 for the simple act of posting this review online!”

One customer might be satisfied but it’s a big negative for other people who read the review. Some potential customers might view this as a business that is bribing customers into writing fake reviews to increase profits.

This is only one of the ways the incentive-based review process can go wrong.

Review Sites Can Detect Fake Reviews

The most well-known review platforms such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google come with support teams and tools that monitor and regulate the quality and authenticity of reviews that are published. When a review has been identified as fraudulent or believed to have been fraudulently obtained the review could have devastating effects on your company’s online image.

Your business might be flagged, and clients could be warned by these platforms when they visit your Google page; warnings that declare that your listing should not be taken seriously.

Does this lasting damage to your company’s credibility worth purchasing reviews? No!

Inauthentic Feedback Won’t Lead to Any New Business

And lastly, don’t forget the main objective of reviews. It’s not just about fooling your customers when you buy Google reviews for business, but you’ll also be fooling yourself.

Without genuine comments and real feedback regarding your product or service What can you do to increase sales for your company? Unsatisfied customers have the right to speak up about the flaws in their experience with your company. As a company you have a responsibility to take this feedback constructively and focus on improving your customer service.

If you encourage this customer to review your business on the internet with fake reviews, you’ll never be able to determine the source of your service or operational potential. In the end, this customer might not return even after leaving a glowing review in the first place.

In the long term this approach isn’t viable for managing post-sales customer relations.

How To Earn Real Google Reviews!

We’ve confirmed that you shouldn’t purchase positive Google reviews. So, what’s the solution to business owners who want to boost their numbers of reviews. And increase their social media following? This is a simple answer to get reviews the right way!

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