The world during and post covid dramatically and exponentially shifted to online goods. The boost from online business to the world economy has been referred to as one of the biggest recorded ever. Sensing the need for a wholesale selling and purchase point, Aseztak recognized this vacuum and launched a web-based business.

The platform of Aseztak enables small and medium-scale eCommerce business owners and startups a supportive lending hand. The website gathers various wholesale partners and vendors across Indian territories and connects them to potential buyers all under one website.

Background, Workings, and Benefits of the Application

The Web application of the platform is to facilitate emerging entrepreneurs and the website framework is designed to be customer-oriented. The online platform was established in 2009 as B2B, connecting the sellers to buyers directly. The platform is present in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. This eliminates the problems and hassle of a middleman/dealer and allows direct contact between the interested parties.

The business model presented by the organization has several key benefits for retailers who are new to eCommerce business. First and foremost, the retail can acquire a general idea and demand for distinct types of products. They can further deduce the certain amount they want the order, considering their requirements and their respective customers.

Furthermore, the website allows you to review the performance of each distributor. These may involve checking the delivery protocols, the quality of the products, and the vendor’s track record. That further allows retailers and small-scale purchasers to have a quick comparative analysis between the distinct nature and range of products they can afford.

How can Aseztak help improve retail and eCommerce business efficiently?

Additionally, Aseztak is offering numerous discount and wave-off proposals, which are popular among vendors and clients. Such as, if a person or a startup purchases goods from a singular vendor that cost more or equal to 2500INR, the shipment to your doorstep will be completely free. They have also introduced 2% on all online transactions no matter what the amount is.

Having products shipped to your doorstep is no more than a blessing because eCommerce enthusiasts and retailers have so much on their plate. The platform provides complete disclosure of tracking the exact position of your product that is being delivered to you. Moreover, it saves a considerate time of capital, time, and labor that may build up to thousands of rupees. And you don’t want to cut your business budget at the stake of shipment and shifting charges, do you?

Now appears the most crucial factor of wholesale business, Do Aseztak have any refund or disputed product policy? Well, retailers are in for a treat, platform is giving 4 days to check, consider and reconsider your product. If the product does not feel satisfactory or according to your requirements, you can return the product. The refund will be credited to your account within 5-7 days after returning the purchased goods.

Another fascinating service that the application provides is that you can purchase any goods or set of products and pay on installment plans. Yes, you heard it clear, and an installment plan which is budget-friendly. The sellers that are common to benefit from this service range from apparel, food, and footwear. They further suggest a “Shop AseZtak” offer which enables interested individuals to plan a set of schedules for the purchase of their products. These factors prepare a startup to never run out of raw material.

Signing up for the app is quite simple, as the app is web-optimized for Android and IoS devices. If anyone wants to sign as a buyer, download the app from the respective AppStore.Give in your Aadhaar card and Contact information and you are good to go. On the other side, if you are willing to sign in as a seller, you still don’t need any heavy documentation or bulk paperwork. You merely fill a form on the options bar on the top right hand of the homepage. Give the required details, platform will reach out to you.


The eCommerce business in India is said to cross $74.8 billion in 2022, and online business owners refer to it as just the tip of the iceberg. Platforms such as Aseztak are generating a positive and online-friendly environment for such ventures. These working setups are inspiring the talented youth of the country and big shop owners and retailers to either start or shift their respective ideas onto the big stage.

Wholesale models are majorly popular because of the wide variety of services and perks provided under a single banner. Henceforth, people can purchase products in large quantities with the perk of a low range of prices. It further reduces the miscellaneous and hidden cost as you enter an agreement with full disclosure. Market like Amazon, Alibaba, and several others are successful because of such business strategies.

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