What if your iPhone freezes? For instance, it just froze on the home screen or any other application. You tap on the screen, and nothing changes. You try to go home, but it is still stuck and won’t respond. You try turning your phone off, and it still won’t respond. Even plugging the charger doesn’t help. Nothing appears on the screen. What to do? Should we visit a cell phone repair store? But first let’s have a look at the reasons causing a frozen screen.

Reasons for a frozen screen according to Cell Phone Repair Store

There are mainly four reasons for the frozen screen issue

  • Interrupted apps

Commonly, the screen gets frozen when a faulty app gets corrupted. The screen gets stuck and doesn’t respond at all.

  • Software Glitch

The accumulated cache files or a minor bug can cause the screen to freeze

  • Failed IOS Software

If the phone freezes, the screen doesn’t move even after the update; the chances are that the update didn’t go well.

  • Faulty screen

If the iPhone screen display is frozen after dropping down into the water tub or on a hard surface, the chances are that the display has some issues. If it is a faulty screen, you need to take it to the closest authorized apple repair center to examine the hardware.

The initial solution to all these problems is to force start up your phone

Force Start your phone:

According to various models of iPhone, Cell Phone Repair Stores teaches us how to force start them:

When your iPhone is frozen, first of all, opt for a force restart. It can force turn off the corrupted apps, clear out most unknown system bugs and restart the frozen device. Let us look at how to force start the iPhone without losing data or the phone’s functionality.

All the older versions of iPhones, from iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5,5S, 5C to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S+ have a home button; if your screen is unresponsive or it is off, all you have to do is press and hold the power button and the home button simultaneously. Keep pressing them until the Apple logo is visible. As you see the Apple logo, just let go. All you have to do is patiently wait. It is a completely harmless process, and we are just forced to restart the phone. It is not resetting or formatting that can lose your valuable data. It is just a turning off and on like you reboot your computer.

iPhone 7 or 7 plus

They have a virtual home button, which means it does not travel in when you press the button. You get a feeling or vibration, and when the phone is off, it is nothing but a simple phone screen. Here press and hold the volume down button and the power button simultaneously, hold off, and when you see the Apple logo, let it go.

iPhone 8 and onwards

If you have an iPhone 8 or any newer versions and either of them is stuck, frozen, or unresponsive, press the volume up button and release, press the volume down button and release, then press and hold the power button. As soon as you see the Apple logo, you let go. If you keep on holding, the phone will turn off. But we don’t want to turn it off; we want the phone to restart. Hence hold and let go. This will reboot your phone. You will not lose any data from iCloud or passwords, and your phone will start functioning properly.

A phone reboot works for 90 percent of the situations where the phone is frozen or stuck. If this is not helping, then there are two possibilities: Either the iOS of the phone is corrupt, or a hardware issue occurred. With a corrupt iOS, one needs to format the phone, which eventually will cause you to lose the data, and for hardware issues, visit the nearest cell phone repair in Idaho.

Update to unfreeze the screen

Even after a force restart, if the issue persists, then the issue may be more complicated. You need to put your phone in recovery mode and update it using your computer. Just as you force restart your iPhone, updating the iOS software will also not lose your data. First, connect your iPhone to a laptop or a desktop computer with a USB cable; then, on your computer, open nine tunes or finder and place your phone in recovery mode.

Delete everything

After force restart or update, your last resort is to delete everything and restore it to factory settings if it is still freezing. Make sure you back up your data and contact list or you will lose everything.

Still if the iPhone is not working visit a nearby cellphone repair store like APEX Mobile and get the smart phone repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the solution when the iPhone screen is frozen?

Ans: The most important and effective way to omit a frozen screen is to reboot your cell phone.

Q: What to do if your phone is frozen and you cannot turn it off?

Ans: If the normal restart does not help, take it for an iPhone screen repair to the nearest cell phone repair store like Fixit Pro.

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