The best known is the string of lights as a decoration option at Christmas time. But due to their diversity, they can easily be used tastefully all year round. How you can best use them and what you should consider when buying, we explain to you here.

What are the decorative possibilities with a string of lights?

Fairy lights allow them to be used not only as a decorative element but also as proper lighting.vibrating swings you can use them not only in the house but also in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. Outside, for example, they serve as romantic lighting or spread a magical atmosphere at Christmas time. All year round and versatile, however, they are especially within your own four walls.

As lighting in the bedroom

Here you can wind the fairy lights around your bedposts or place them above the head of the bed, depending on the type of bed. Should the lighting only set decorative accents (for example, wound as a heart or flower) or replace a regular lamp? Then you have to pay attention to the length of the string of lights or the number of lights to achieve the desired brightness.

String lights as a lamp replacement

Not only in the bedroom but also in other places of the house, a string of lights can serve wonderfully as a replacement for a lamp. For example, you could use it to illuminate a staircase.

Furthermore, you can also use the chains to make darker niches brighter, where attaching a larger lamp is not worthwhile or does not look good.

They also help illuminate rooms with lower ceilings, such as under the roof, where large lamp setups take up too much space. But you can also make storage rooms and even cabinets brighter with suitable fairy lights.

Where you prefer to use a string of lights instead of a lamp depends entirely on your taste and creativity.

String lights as a decorative element

Apart from practical use, the fairy lights also have great decoration potential. With little effort, you can set suitable accents throughout the house. For example, in the entrance area, in kitchenettes, pass-throughs, or bars, you can provide light at the same time and, for example, illuminate blackboards or pictures.

Or how about in the living room to provide a chic backlight to the TV? Bookshelves and showcases with beautiful collector’s items also benefit from successful indirect lighting. In addition, there are interesting highlights through vertical lighting, for example in the hallway or children’s room.

Do-it-yourself decoration

If you like to tinker, you don’t have to settle for putting the fairy lights in suitable places or winding around pictures or shelves. Then you can even make funny decorations yourself.

For example, by packing the fairy lights into pretty glasses, which you then set up as an eye-catcher. You can also make flowers around the individual lights of the necklace and then hang the chain on your window or combine it with the curtains. There are no limits to your creativity.

What do I have to consider when buying a string of lights?

First of all,best 2 in 1 baby swings it is very important that you pay attention to whether the string of lights is suitable for the purpose you are planning. Those intended for outdoor use must be more robust and, above all, waterproof.

Next, you need to decide if you want a string of lights that is powered by power cord or battery. Fairy lights powered by the mains are brighter, but you need a power outlet at the planned point of use. By the way, there are also fairy lights that are operated via a battery or a solar station.

Pay attention to the length of the string of lights and the number of lamps. They should also be suitable for your purposes. What lamp color do you want to have? White is recommended for lighting, small highlights are also available in other colors. Also note the color of the cable, because it should fit well into the environment when used as lighting.

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