The fashion industry has been booming every passing year, with the fashion trend progressing at a quick pace. Be it for men, women, or children, the types of clothing trends and fancy patterns that have been introduced into the market have gotten a vast variety and a unique liking. These have grown so much that people spend easily around 3-4hrs having a tough time deciding what clothes they like and what they don’t. This domain or line of business is also highly influenced by popular personalities and figures who help set the trend in the market by impacting the clothing tastes and preferences of people. But might I say, women alone have an upper edge in this industry, with an extensive set of options to choose from in patterns, designs, outfits, and whatnot.

Clothing for women- an ocean of choices

Women fashion, These two words themselves open up a huge portal of creativity and innovations that fashion designers like to experiment with and explore. Ranging from a variety of tops such as crop, peplum, formals, semi-formals, etc, to bottoms such as palazzos, jeggings, leggings, Patiala, etc, women have an ocean of choices to pick out and make their desired outfits.

Apart from this, traditional clothing constitutes a whole new separate line. Women of different countries have different traditional attires, and India alone, having 29 states, has an assorted list of traditional wears that make women stand out in elegance. Some of the popular ones are sarees, churidars, lehengas, ghagras, etc. Among these lies a type of clothing that can be considered one of the most comfortable types of attire for any occasion and these are kurtis.

Kurtis- A simplistic beauty

If you are having a tough time deciding how to present yourself in a simple and comfortable manner while also wanting to give yourself a neatly dressed look, kurthis come to the save! A Kurti is a garment popularly worn across the Indian subcontinent, and even in a few other countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. It is a long top that is usually stretched below the waist length and is worn either with leggings or Patiala. Kurtis again has a multitude of choices in them, ranging from patterns, length, and mainly, the materials used in making them.

Types of Kurtis

Based on this, a few popular types of Kurtis based on materials used are as follows-

  • Cotton Kurtis
  • Crepe Kurtis
  • Silk Kurtis
  • Rayon Kurtis
  • Georgette, etc.

Among these, the best types of materials to use for Kurtis are cotton and rayon. These two fabrics have their many features and advantages making them the most preferred.

Rayon- an easy fabric

People usually buy clothes made of silk just for the elegant and magnificent look it gives but may find it irritating and suffocating after some time of wearing it. This is why people prefer cotton clothing because of the comfort and relaxation it gives the skin. But imagine how good it would be if we could combine the comfort of cotton and the beauty of silk into one material, solving all problems! This idea is what gave birth to Rayon- a material created with the combination of natural wood pulp and cellulose, and is also called “artificial silk”.

This fabric has been gradually in popular use due to the many features and advantages it poses-

  • It is a soft and comfortable fabric, with a luxurious appearance
  • It remains cool and breathable without irritating the skin
  • Viscose rayon fabric easily absorbs the moisture and sweat, making it perfect for summer wear too
  • It does not get wrinkled easily and retains color and shape even after several washes
  • It does not demand high costs

Rayon Kurtis

Knowing how traditional attires and dresses can get irritating on the skin, clothes made with Rayon should be considered a perfect outfit. Rayon Kurtis is regarded to be one of the best due to the above-mentioned advantages that Rayon showcases. Added to this, they also come in different prints and colors such as floral prints, geometric prints, and also solid colors, making them suitable for regular as well as ethnic wear too. The silkiness and ease of handling these Kurtis will make you enjoy wearing them. However, this material is preferred to be hand-washed without using hot water and high temperatures for ironing.

Having read about the various materials used in making Kurtis and how not all may be adjusting to your comfort, Rayon Kurtis Wholesaler in Delhi is the best and recommended for these kurtis, especially for ethnic attires and function wear. Wearing this will definitely adorn any women’s beauty, refining their classiness and making them look like a diva; all without having to compromise on personal comfort. Hence, no wonder Rayon is called a magical innovation in the fabric world, making it loved and preferred by the majority!

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