Taking care of yourself sets you up to better care for a newborn. Additionally, staying healthy helps support fetal development and the birth process. The following six tips can help you develop healthy pregnancy and post-delivery habits.

1. Keep Your Immune System Strong

Feeling sick is never fun, but there are additional considerations when you are expecting. For example, medications to alleviate symptoms are often off-limits. However, taking steps to strengthen your immune system can help you avoid some common illnesses — and the uncomfortable symptoms associated with them. Once your baby arrives, you can continue the practice with natural baby immune support.

2. Diet & Exercise

Even if eating healthy and exercising have never been on your radar, a few small changes can hugely impact overall health. Start by adding in an extra serving of fruits or vegetables each day. Then, try moving a little more, maybe parking further from the store or indulging your dog in an evening stroll.

3. Drink Wisely

What you drink is as important as what you eat. In general, try to stick with water whenever possible. If you can’t stand the thought of plain water, infusing it with fruit or vegetables can add a punch of healthy flavor. Avoid alcohol and limit caffeine when possible to help maintain consistent energy levels.

4. Take Time To Rest

It won’t be long before you reach for organic gripe water to soothe an uncomfortable infant so you can get a few hours of precious sleep. That’s why now is the time to ensure you get the rest your body needs — and that is probably more than you think.

Unfortunately, even though your body needs the rest, the many changes occurring can make that difficult. However, a lack of sleep during pregnancy can lead to complications like preeclampsia, so try your best to rest even when it is uncomfortable.

5. Work With Your Healthcare Team

A healthcare team can be made up of a range of professionals. It might include an obstetrician, prenatal specialists, a midwife, or a doula. No matter what your healthcare team looks like, its members are there to support you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. Feel free to ask questions at your appointments, and be sure you fully understand any answers before leaving the office.

6. Limit Daily Stress

Stress may be a normal part of life, but too much of it can derail your health. Take some time to learn some stress management techniques that work for you. Seek direct solutions if you are anxious about something in particular. For example, if the idea of caring for a newborn makes you nervous, offer to babysit a friend’s infant for a few hours. Remember to talk to your healthcare provider if you feel overwhelmed.

Taking care of yourself is more important now than ever before. Everything you do affects not just your body; it also impacts your baby. However, you can achieve a healthy, happy vegan pregnancy with the right tools. Learn more about how natural supplements can support proper rest, stress management, and a healthy diet to help you reach your goals.

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