Every year dozens of conferences, festivals, and forums are held in the world for IT people. Here are some reasons to attend conferences for IT professionals and companies.

Exploring The Environment And Current Reality

Any conferences and forums are primarily used as entry points to a professional environment. From this position, they are valuable for both beginners and professionals. A person gets the opportunity to look around, and see the leaders of the segment and the nearest competitors. In this way, they understand who is a significant figure in the market, who to listen to, and who to follow.

Professionals interested in offering their services to someone can study potential clients and their level, requests, and moods. In addition, conferences are a good way to assess the situation in the industry and the market.  The organizers try to make their conferences the most modern, advanced event and offer discussions on a variety of topics: from state-important ones (regulation of the industry) to really pop ones


Professional events are always about communication, developing new connections, maintaining old ones, and increasing one’s own recognition. The target audience, colleagues, and those who are a step above, whose experience is worth adopting, can gather on one site. A person enters a community with the same interests, preferences, and problems, and the more informal the event is, the easier it is to engage in networking.

To do this, they usually combine the formats of a conference and a festival or exhibition. Conferences are worth attending in order to be in trend, to understand who works where and what projects are being launched. This is a great platform for hunting: people gather to show their best side, shine, interest potential clients or partners, assemble a team, and to find employees. It is easier to do this life than by phone or e-mail – it is easier to interest, explain, convince, and find an approach. Some top international conferences include the CIO summit, Web summit, and TechCrunch Disrupt.

Market Your Company

For a company or startup, a conference is a great PR tool. Especially if the program includes an exhibition where you can buy a stand and present a product or service on it. Thanks to this, not only the recognition of the company or specialist increases. But also its expertise in the professional environment grows.

Mass media representatives are always present at major IT conferences. The event is covered both in print media and on television.  For any company, this is a chance to be featured in the materials following the results of the conference and thereby increase the weight of its brand, becoming more attractive to potential partners and employees.

Get New Knowledge

Masterclasses and other applied blocks are rare guests at conferences and forums, although they are often found at developer events. New knowledge can be obtained from each conference thanks to the speeches of the speakers. They talk about experiences, real case studies, and technologies that the participant can later apply in their work.

If the speaker is from another country. There is a chance to learn about something exclusive that is not yet used in your country. And the locals always have something to learn, since representatives of strong IT companies are always invited to events.


All four components of value are present in every conference or forum, but often 1-2 are the most powerful. For example, networking and getting to know the state of the industry or networking and marketing. The combinations can be anything. However, in any case, the event brings practical benefits to both parties. Both speakers and participants, regardless of their professional level.

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