As per Nathan Walker of Riot Act Media, the idea of music PR is not significantly different since the beginning of pop music more than six decades ago. Musicians are still working to get their music in front of many more people and media outlets have been relentless in selling advertisements. What has changed in the last decade is the method of doing this. The business of buying Instagram followers has gone through the roof over the last few years. The overall music promotion industry has seen a significant change, as music public relations is just one aspect of the bigger picture. In this article, we’ll fill you know the important things to know about modern music public relations. image adapted by Market Business News.

The Music Public Relations Landscape Today Walker stated that there’s changed in the tools used by publicists. They have evolved as a result of the advancement of technology. However, the way of doing business remains the same.

He stated:

“The objective that a PR professional has is to provide journalists with intriguing stories about musicians. We’re working to assist musicians gain press that can boost their careers as well as provide more information for journalists who sell advertisements on magazines and websites. .”

Walker further added:

“As publicists you’re talking to the media regarding projects in the field of music. The way you approach that is different than it was the past six decades. However, the one thing that remains is the fact that you’re seeking out good music and people who will enjoy it and want to talk about it. ”

Outlets and Journalists Covering Music Are Very Few

Walker claimed the fact that there’s a shortage of media outlets and journalists covering music right now. Between 2000 between 2000 and 2010 there was a huge rise in blogs written by indie musicians. A lot of them have gone and gone, making avenue for major media companies to dominate the music industry. He stated that independent media are unable to compete and remain relevant with their rivals from the corporate world because they operate through passion, not by profits. They just share stories and songs from genres they enjoy, but it’s not enough to make them the money they require in order to keep their fire going. Independent outlets are also not able to build the relationships that corporations have.

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Creating a Loyal Fan base Is Tough

Walker stated that when niche-oriented and smaller outlets or sites are shut down it will end the possibility of creating an identity and build an audience for musicians. Now you will have to compete against musicians who have a lot of followers as well as huge marketing budgets. There are numerous compelling reasons why publications should cover the biggest artists since they can help them make money from advertising. Walker is not averse to anything to do with the larger magazines. He’s simply embracing their do not have the resources they had 10 years ago to devote coverage to niche or indie music artists.


He stated:

“There isn’t much value from being the first one to break a musician in the present. A few years ago there were a handful of publications that allowed people to discover and read about new albums. Today, musicians make their music available for download on their own. There is no need to read any magazine to find out about new tracks – you can check it through Instagram as well as Spotify .”> It also gives the chance for artists to be more creative when it comes to how they present themselves. If you’re an artist who is new or niche and you are a new artist, you’ll have difficulty establishing an audience, since it takes perseverance and patience.

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