Bank loan documents

A cash loan is a loan from a bank for any purpose: purchase, tuition, travel, etc. The price and options for completing the transaction are based on the characteristics of the lender. Depending on the loan program, the bank will request a package of potential customers.

Get a mortgage loanThe bank will ask for the following :

  • Passport and copies of all pages.
  • Income statement.
  • Copy of workbook.
  • Military ID for men under 27 years of age.
  • Driver’s license.

Application Form for Withdrawal

The first step to getting money out of debt is to fill out an application to release the consumer loan in cash. The questionnaire is divided into two types: electronic and paper.

You must bring a solid copy for the bank when applying. And, according to the form provided, enter personal data. The electronic view represents an online application. To apply for a cash loan online, access to the internet is sufficient, and you do not need to travel anywhere.

You must select a bank and fill out a form on the official website, which includes: your full name, date of birth, contact phone number, place of registration, required amount, and required payment period. Some queries collect information about jobs, income, and assets.

Once you have filled in the data, select the “Submit a Question” function and wait for a decision, which will take several minutes or hours. After consideration, the manager announces the decision. Once approved, the borrowed time is documented.

Choice of loan program

Interest and the repayment period play an important role. The interest rate is 12-48% based on loan eligibility—terms of the loan are one month to 5 years.

The loan amount can range from several thousand to several million, depending on whether you must apply for a cash loan. It is usually 15,000-3,000,000 rubles.

Who can apply for a loan?

The requirements for potential borrowers for citizens of the Russian Federation include the following criteria:

  • Age 21-60 years.
  • Six months of relevant experience
  • The client must be fluid.

Algorithm for getting a loan

At first glance, cash loans can be one of the most straightforward products. But a newcomer may face many problems when they first contracts. The sequence of steps is as follows.

  1. Choice of lender and loan program.
  2. Create a package with the document and application form.
  3. The process of waiting for approval or rejection.
  4. Conclusion of a loan agreement.

Interest (Annual): 11.5%

Loan amount: 1,000,000

Duration: 5 years

Registration: 1 day

OTP Bank JSC Russian Federation Central Bank License No. 2766 November 27, 2014, Phone: 8 800 100-55-55, Mail: Address: Russia, 125171 Moscow, Leningradko Highway, 16A, Building 1. TIN 7708001614, KPP 774301001, PSRN 1027739176563. Annual interest rate: From 11.5% to 39.36%. Unlimited loan with extension loan.

Interest (Annual): 12%

Loan amount: 1,000,000

Duration: 7 years

Registration: 1 day

PJSC CB “Reconstruction and Development of the Ural Bank” License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 429 February 6, 2015, Phone: 8 800 1000-200, Mail: Address: Russia, 620014, Russian Federation, Sverdlovsk Region, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg. Sacco and Vanzetti, 67. TIN 6608008004, KPP 667101001, PSRN 1026600000350. Annual interest rate: 13 to 61%. Unlimited loan with extension loan.

An insurance contract may be required. Please note that the procedure is not mandatory. Banks often promise to reduce Interstate Rate when applying for insurance.

Paying off debts on time

Taking your obligations to the bank seriously and avoiding payment delays is essential. There are several good reasons for this. First, penalties for each expiration date are charged, and penalties apply to the borrower.

Second, credit history is corrupted, and the information is stored in the BKI. The next time it is necessary to apply for a cash loan online, other banks, including the loan, will block it. Payment can be made in several ways: cash at a bank cash desk, customer debit or credit card, internet banking service, payment terminals, or third-party financial institutions.

Pavel 47, Chelyabinsk

I applied for customer loans from various banks, or they refused, or I offered these conditions, and I refused.

Banks often ask for a mortgage guarantee. This can happen if the borrower finds himself in a difficult situation – from loss of employment, health reasons (illness, disability), or death. Under the circumstances, the insurance company’s obligation to repay the loan falls.

The application is prepared in the bank with a complete package of documents. Previously subscribe to a loan agreement, familiarize yourself with the content. Particular attention should be paid to what is published in small publications. Do not hesitate to ask your bank counselor if you have any questions.

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