In the good old days, getting customers was as easy and straightforward. All you needed to do is put up a flyer or brochure in your local newspaper advertising what services you offer and voila! People would come knocking on doors with money clutched between their teeth ready for purchase (not always). These days it’s not just about attracting consumers – nowadays there are many different channels through which businesses can reach out including social media marketing campaigns where companies advertise via Facebook pages etc.; this allows them increased exposure without having any financial investment whatsoever other than time spent posting updates.

There’s no denying that Google is one of the best ways to get in front and stay on top with consumer searches. capturing more than 90% market share, it’s an easy recommendation for businesses looking at how they can use technology as part or their solution!

There are several ways as follows:

  • Create and verify your Google Business Profile

Google Maps, the local section of search results and right-side knowledge panel in Google Search all allow you to advertise your business. The Google Business Profile is what makes this possible for advertisers! Google has become an incredibly important part of many people’s lives and it’s only a matter time before they start ranking your business higher on search engines like google if you don’t keep up with trends. You can get your business on Google Maps and show up in the Local Pack of regular results pages. This is a great way for you to promote yourself 24/7, even better than publishing posts directly onto listing!
The tone should be one which convinces readers that they too could benefit from this strategy.

  • Get a website

Your website is your online presence and it needs to be modern, professional-looking with high-quality content. It’s not enough just having a site; you need one that will make customers want to buy from you too!

There is so much potential for your business in social media, but you need to be on every platform. You want people coming into contact with and purchasing from the company they find online through Google or Facebook searches – this will give them a good first impression of who runs things here!
If someone types “carpet cleaning” into Google , we’ll show up right away because our listing says ‘Carpet Cleaning Service’. And if he clicks through? Well then not only have his question been answered by himself (we’re always happy when customers come back!), but also given an opportunity at getting more customers like him as well.

To grow your business, you need a professional looking website with features that can be expanded as needed. A domain name and hosting are essential for any successful company – don’t leave these aspects of running an online venture unprotected!

  • Implement search engine optimization

Google is a search engine that has been around since the early days of web browsing. It was born out Google Search Cereal – an experiment by Stanford students looking for new ways to use computers and online interpersonal communication, which eventually led them into creating one their most popular products: Gmail!
The input speaks about optimizing your website/blog for SEO but neglects some important details like what exactly you’re trying so hard achieve through this process (the best ranking?) And also why should we care if someone finds our site via somebody else’s links instead? The output provides more detailed information on how people can optimize themselves.

SEO is not just one tactic, but many tactics that together work to improve your rank. You can have as much of a chance at being on the first page without spending any money!

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