You are accountable for the safety of necessary equipment and merchandise as a business owner or a job site manager. In addition, you are responsible for protecting others who conduct business on your premises. Should not treat these responsibilities lightly. Unarmed security guards are among the most efficient ways to safeguard your valuable possessions. 

Off duty, officers can supply you with unarmed security guards trained, qualified, and licenced to provide you with the coverage and confidence you require at your location. But unfortunately, many business owners assume that hiring armed security guards is the only way to ensure maximum protection. This is not always the case, though. Unarmed security staff may be a better fit for your needs for various reasons. 

Off-duty officers can assist you in determining the best security tactics for your specific scenario and job site, allowing you to obtain the most cost-effective solutions possible. Unarmed guards work in conjunction with your existing security structures, such as warning and monitoring systems, to provide the active reaction you require in an emergency or security breach. Off because former police departments and military people with the skills, training, and attitudes to handle many security concerns make up our unarmed guards.

Who might require the services of an unarmed guard?

Are you confused about whether legally armed security officers are the best option for your company? Security enterpriser understands that selecting protection is a significant decision. However, it is also a considerable portion of your cash, so picking the best choice is crucial. Off duty officers’ security experts can assist you to decide whether armed or unarmed personnel are the best option for you. The following are some key questions to think about:

  •         Do you have a lot of valuable items on your site, like cash, equipment, jewellery, or prescription medications?
  •         Is your industry found in an area with a heightened danger of violent crime?
  •         Is there any top-secret or susceptible intellectual property on your site?

If you reacted to any of the overhead questions, your company should consider hiring unarmed security guards. Unarmed security guards are a cost-effective, practical, and price option available to armed security guards for many businesses.

Off duty officers are significant providers of unarmed guards or not?

Yes. Off duty, officers are a significant provider of unarmed security staff in the United States. Our exceptional security officers are unrivalled whenever it comes to fulfilling locations of all configurations. Unarmed security guards working with off-duty officers have offered unrivalled security for businesses and workplaces such as:

  •         Lobbies in the front
  •         Docks for loading and unloading
  •         Buildings that serve as gates
  •         Sites of construction
  •         Desks for receptionists
  •         Larger shopping malls and retail stores
  •         Convenience stores
  •         Warehouses
  •         Industrial complexes
  •         Communities of residence
  •         Hotels
  •         Buildings for schools and universities
  •         Office buildings for rent
  •         Medical facilities and hospitals
  •         Pharmacies
  •         Homes for the elderly

The advantages of using unarmed security guards for your company

It should be your first-line defence against irate customers, criminals, and unwelcome trespassers. Unarmed guards are frequently all that is required to dissuade robbers and attackers from attempting to ruin your property or generate a commotion.

In addition, unarmed guards have special instruction that enables them to quickly handle confrontations using various techniques, actually though they do not have handguns.


The presence of an unarmed security officer on your premises communicates to your employees, guests, vendors, and other visitors that they are safe. It also demonstrates that you give a shit about people under your supervision. Unarmed security officers help to maintain a feeling of tranquillity and security. Your workers will be more useful, and your customers will remain longer on your premises if they feel protected.


Off duty, officers understand that you are worried about expenses as a business owner. Security is essential, but hiring armed security personnel may be costly. Unarmed security guards will be a more inexpensive option for many small firms and those that do not function in more fantastic situations. Off duty, cops work with unarmed guards who are just as competent and efficient as their armed rivals.

You can count on security solutions

Off duty officers are the most well-known private security firm globally. Off-duty and decided to retire police officers and military individuals to make up our security force. Across all industries, their experience is unparalleled. Unarmed security guards can provide the most significant protection for your company. Unarmed bodyguards from off duty cops may help you achieve your security goals whether you operate a small business, manage a construction site, or maintain a residential community.

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