Every person longs to have the best curtains for the outstanding appearance of the windows in their living room. But this task is not less than a Gordian Knot due to the presence of multiple azures, patterns, production material, different lengths of rods, and rings. 

All these designs create repercussions in the locality in which they are installed. In particular, the design of your window is manifested with the best Curtains in Dubai. As you know, selecting these curtains at the time of purchase is a tricky task. Therefore, don’t worry, this article will sort out your tension. So, thoroughly read it.

10 Best Curtain Ideas for the Modern Living Room Windows

A list of 10 best curtain ideas for the modern look of your living room windows is discussed below for better guidance of the readers. The reason behind the presentation of more than one idea is that if an idea is disliked by an individual, the other should be operational as an expiator. Let us see what these 10 best curtain ideas are.

Installation of Custom Living Room Curtains

These curtains are a reflection of man’s handicraft. These have the ability to fix windows of every size. These are also known as made-to-measure curtains. You can also select the hanging style of these curtains, either above the floor or on the floor.


The price of these curtains will be determined according to their size. Similarly, the fabric of curtains also decides their amount. So, you can purchase it according to your financial range.

Usage of Ready-made Curtain panels

These curtains are available in both extensive and small-scale selling stores. They are offering a vast variety of these curtains according to their style and pricing plans. But there is no need to worry because most of these curtains are within the range of most people. For this purpose, you will only have to spend $15 to $40 per pair. 

Sheer Curtains

These sheer curtains have touched the sky in terms of popularity due to their best decoration outcomes for the windows in the living room. These are also known as “semi-transparent curtains” because they cannot completely hide your location. 

Although these curtains are risky for the privacy of your living room, they will give you an aesthetic view of your outdoor space.

Priscilla Curtains

It’s a truth that these curtains are less popular among people across the globe, but they are capable of providing an outstanding appearance to your living room. These are installed on the two segregated rods that help them overlap. 

Velvet Blackout Thermal Curtains

After putting these curtains on the rods, you will enjoy the luxurious, beautiful look of your window that every person will like to see and appreciate. Usually, these curtains are heavy in size, so they create the feeling of their presence in your location. 

You can select one or a maximum of three velvet blackout thermal curtains simultaneously for your window. 

Implement a Roman Shade

Designers across the globe have come to the conclusion that if you have the desire for the outstanding look of the windows in your room, then you must test a roman shade. Curtains are often spoiled due to the presence of children, pets, and other factors, but their cleaning puts you in the doldrums. Don’t worry, clean your roman shade curtains without any hesitation.

Beautiful Designing on the Curtains

Every curtain can be used for the beautification of the window of your living room, but designing these also has value. If it is said that design has a lion’s share in beautification, it would not be a wrong statement. 

In this regard, pencil pleat curtains are the best. In their installation, a few hooks are utilized; therefore, you don’t have to spend more energy on this work. Moreover, your curtains will not get stains or other symbols. These will look clean and neat. 

Assonance is the Prints

The creation of assonance in the matter of the prints of your window curtains results in the aesthetic look of your living room. Try to make this resemblance with the color of the walls and furniture. For this purpose, you must try a wood color to gain a beautiful view. Both the color of the furniture and the color of the curtains will be reflected in each other.

Similarly, it is also worth creating this color-matching with the walls. Usually, the color of the curtain is selected to be similar to the wall. For example, if the color of your wall is blue, then the color of the curtains should also be blue to get the desired results. 

Usage of Double Pair

You can give your living room an extraordinary look by hanging a pair of curtains in front of the window. Mostly, curtains have a single fabric that gives them a common look, but a pair of curtains will give you a different feeling, even at the time of opening them. 


To cut a long story short, curtains are hung in front of the windows in the living room for multiple purposes. One of these is the beautification of your room. You can achieve this aim by adopting a few rules. 

These can be summarised as the installation of custom living room curtains; the usage of ready-made curtains; sheer curtains; Priscilla curtains; velvet blackout thermal curtains; the implementation of Roman shades; and many others. If you adopt these ideas, then your project for the extraordinary-looking windows in your room will be finished with colors.

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