Cluttered spaces are overwhelming and unhealthy both mentally and physically. If you are facing cluttering issues, know that with the right organizational approach you can declutter your space and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are planning to organize your house room by room or planning a one time decluttering project, these tips will help you through this task, and have a more functional and comfortable house.

Start with a plan

Decluttering may seem like a daunting task but having a clear plan and pathway will reduce stress. Identify areas that need immediate attention and break down the overall space in small segments and deal with them one by one. Allow specific days to deal with stubborn areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Before starting, get a sufficient amount of necessary supplies like trash bags, storage bins and boxes, detergents and cleaners. Heaving materials on hand will ease the process.

Declutter first

Before organizing it’s important to declutter and throw away what you do not need. Divide things into reuse, recycle, donate and discard categories. Throw away things that you have not used in the previous year entirely. Sometimes cluttering is due to unnecessary reluctance about throwing things away. Understand what objects you actually need and get rid of unnecessarily collected objects. Things like suitcases, camping materials and mesh cast net belong in the store space. Do not keep them in living space. Put such things away in storage which are not to be used frequently.

Optimize the space

Effective storage and space division is crucial to an organized home. Make vertical storage spaces by installing shelves and cabinets. Use wall mountable shelves and hooks to keep things away from the floor. Invest in furniture that is adjustable and covers less space. This will open up the space and make your house look spacious and clean. Use different kinds of storage boxes and drawers for everyday utilities. It helps you find things easily and keep them organized.

Understand room usage

Each room in your house should serve its purpose. Especially if your house is not built exactly to your needs or you are doing rental property management for the time, utilize rooms smartly. Understand and decide what activities you do in any particular room or space. If the plan isn’t right, you can reorganize the room in a way that better suits your comfort. Switching rooms sometimes is the best way to rearrange things better. Don’t keep kitchen or bathroom utilities in the rooms. Try to keep everything in the space allocated for it.

Involve family members

Decluttering is not only a management problem but a lifestyle issue. You cannot maintain a clean and tidy house if everybody who is living there is not putting an effort to keep it decluttered. Involve other residents or family members in the decluttering process. Let everyone take care of their belongings or rooms, this will reduce the burden of all the work from your shoulders and the decluttering would be quick and effective.

Once you have decluttered and organized your home, make sure you develop healthy lifestyle habits. Do not become careless after you have organized everything.  Effective decluttering is only possible through a proper change of habits. So once you have decluttered your home, make sure you don’t make it messy again, through regular upkeep and cleaning.

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