Writing a resume can be especially difficult for fresh graduates. The job market is flooded and you don’t have any real world experience. How to write a resume that will land the job that you want?  

In this article, we will go over 8 tips that every fresh graduate should remember before writing a resume.

  • Play around with ideas

Before putting pen to paper or fingertips to a keyboard just take a step back and think about your resume.

That is to say, just think about what kind of jobs to apply for? Where do your strengths lie? And what are your weaknesses? Muster up some motivation for the job hunt because that will definitely show on your resume. 

Think about what you want to say to hiring managers and find a uniquely creative way to say it. This way there is no way they can’t ignore you. 

  • Make sure you create a targeted Resume

Don’t just put down everything you’ve thought up in your resume. Instead, go through jobs that you think you’re eligible for and see what they ask for. Cross-reference the job listing with your personal data and make a resume with the most relevant information. 

Don’t use the same resume everywhere. Instead, make a different resume for each job and keep the content of the resume relevant to the job in question and the job listing. 

  • Focus on Education

When you’ve got a couple of years under your belt your work history will take center stage on your resume but for the time being your Education is the star. Make sure you apply for jobs in an industry that aligns with your degree. Elaborate on your Education and coursework that you think is most relevant to the job.

Apply for entry-level jobs for the best results as it wouldn’t make any sense to apply for a senior job title when you have no work experience.

  • Elaborate and Highlight Experiences

Whether you were a Teacher’s Assistant, Volunteer, or Intern during the course of your education, elaborate on the skills that you may have picked up or any specific projects you were a part of. Focus on these and give examples of how these experiences are related to the job or how they were used prior.

  • Make use of action verbs

Instead of using words like ‘Experienced’ or ‘Motivated’ use words that show initiative and action such as “Developed”, “Improved” and “Implemented”. 

This shows your enthusiasm for the position as well as your ability to play an active part in your work life.

  • Keywords

Go through the job listings that pique your interest and check out the description. Here, you will find all skills and work history that make an applicant eligible for the job. How to write a resume with keywords? Incorporate the keywords used, into your resume in a natural way. If you don’t possess the exact qualification, list down the qualifications that you do have and put them at the top of the relative sections in your resume.

  • One-pager

Candidates that feel intimidated by the saturation of the job market tend to go overboard with their resumes. As they feel the longer the resume the more impressive it seems. This is simply not the case. Reaching the second page of a targeted resume is a challenge even for the most impressive professionals. So, how to write a resume that will impress but won’t increase beyond the one page limit? Simple, get rid of all irrelevant information and just focus on the stuff that is related to the job. Highlight awards and honors and expand on relevant work and skills.  

  • Resume Templates

How to write a resume for each targeted job? 

Well this goes without saying but making a targeted resume for each job can be quite time consuming and starting from scratch can be quite the hassle. This is why I recommend using Resume Templates to save you from a bunch of trouble. Firstly Resume Templates use a “fill in the blanks” approach to resume making which makes the entire process easier for the candidate. Secondly Resume Templates are widely available online from multiple websites for free or for cheap. Thirdly, ATS friendly formatted resume templates make it so that candidates will be judged on their resume and won’t be rejected because of some technical issue. Lastly, resume Templates give candidates a creative option for the visual appeal of their resume.


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