Pepper spray is becoming increasingly popular as a means of self-defense.shaved gsd  the gel-shaped substance comes as a spray, gel, or foam and can serve as a protection against potential attacks from animals. The small, compact shape, easy handling, and great effect are the reasons why pepper spray is so popular.

It can be legally purchased in Germany from the age of 14. However, the use is currently only allowed against animals. In pepper spray tests, you get everything you need to know so that you buy the right pepper spray. Take a look at our comparison table now.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our pepper spray comparison

The most important in a nutshell

Pepper spray is available with different spray systems and different contents. The irritant is generally the same for all sprays and makes the attacker incapacitated for a short time.

The repellent spray is easy to handle. It is small and fits in every pocket. It can therefore always be worn on the body or find its place in the glove compartment.

Pepper spray is only allowed in this country for self-defense against animals such as dogs or cats. So consider legal consequences if you use it against people.

Pepper spray is not the same as pepper spray. If you take a repellent spray test, quickly recognize the pepper spray differences between the individual types: in the spray type, the range, the filling quantity, and various other properties. Whether the oc 5000 pepper spray is suitable for your purpose or you should better use the pepper spray gun JPX, you will find out below.

In contrast to the UK pepper spray, which is banned throughout the Kingdom, in Germany pepper sprays such as a pepper spray Walther or a practice spray pepper spray may also be purchased by minors. This is due to the fact that the manufacturers declare the active ingredient oleoresin capsicum solely for the purpose of animal defense and the product does not fall under the Weapons Act.

In contrast to the purely chemical substance in GC irritant gas, however, the use of pepper spray in persons fulfills the offense of bodily injury. Under particularly adverse circumstances, pepper spray can be fatal in mentally unstable people or asthmatics. This is also one of the reasons why there is no pepper spray at Aldi, Lidl, or Rossmann.

Fend off dog attack with pepper spray

Nevertheless, a pepper spray under 18 can be purchased: namely as a pepper spray against cats, pepper spray against martens, dogs, or other animals that start an attack.

We have made a pepper spray comparison for you and inform you which type of pepper spray is best for you if you want to buy a pepper spray, whether you can take pepper spray with you on holiday, and whether it must be the pepper spray test winner or whether a cheap repellent spray fulfills its purpose.

Below we dedicate ourselves to the pepper spray against martens and other animals and show what the pluses and minuses of a special pepper spray for animal defense are:


easy handling, mostly comes in pepper spray gun

due to the pepper spray wide jet defense at a greater distance possible

intense irritant, almost always works

Use is legal


Pepper spray refill cartridges are expensive

Pepper spray basically has a compact size and fits in any jacket or handbag. helthcare for german shepherd so you have it at your fingertips, and it’s easy to use. The active ingredient is also the same – but otherwise it occurs in a wide variety of ways. In our purchase advice, we help you to find out which is the best repellent for you.

You can choose between a pepper spray with spray mist or spray jet. In addition, there is pepper spray gel, pepper foam, and spray guns. We have also listed the difference to CS tear gas below. Here’s how you can see the rough pepper spray differences between the individual brands at a glance: