Protective hairstyles, especially for curly or coily hair, can help make a difference in your mane’s overall health, whether you’re trying to grow your hair or prevent hair damage. As you might expect, a protective hairstyle entails styling your tresses to shield them from elements in the environment that could harm them. Braids, twists, and faux locs are just a few of the trendy protective hairstyles you’ll see on social media. And if you need some different to help you decide on your next protective style, we’ve got you covered.

Continue reading to find the most popular protective hairstyles.

1. Marley Twists

braid ideas 
Marley Twists With Sew-in With Braids.

The required hair extensions, which are named after reggae legend Bob Marley, who was also known for his freeform locs, give these twists their fluffy appearance. Marley twists give you a beautiful pattern all over your mane while hiding your natural strands. Wrap you’re sew in with braids over and under with Marley braid extensions to create a two-strand look with a textured, natural finish. Marley twists are a versatile, low-maintenance style that is easy to do.

2. Box Braids

virgin human braiding hair
Box braids with virgin human braiding hair

Box braids are another protective hairstyle that you’ve most likely seen on everyone from your next-door neighbor to your favorite A-list celebrity. This style looks great on hair of any length, and it’s even better when virgin human braiding hair is used to make the braids longer and thicker.

3. Knotless Box Braids

braid ideas
Knotless sew-in with braids.

Box braids with no knots are versatile and simple to style. The hairstyle is made with a feed-in braid technique instead of tying a knot at the root like traditional box braids. As a result, the scalp is less stressed, reducing the risk of hair breakage. Create this knotless braid with sew in braids for a flawless look.

2. Senegalese Twists

virgin human braiding hair
Senegalese twist with virgin human braiding hair

Senegalese twists are a beautiful, twisted protective hairstyle that originated in the West African country of Senegal. Kanekalon virgin human braiding hair (silky braiding hair) and Toyokalon are the most popular braiding hair types for these twists (yaki braiding hair). This style entails dividing sections of your hair and twisting them around each other to form larger twists, as the name implies. 

3. Bantu Knots

sew in with braids
sew in with braids

In case you hadn’t heard, everything from the 1990s is back in style, including this protective sew-in with braids look. Twist a section of hair from the root to the tip until it twists back on itself. Create a bun on top of your head with your twist and secure it. In your head, repeat this process as many times as you can.

4. Long Faux Locs 

braids with real hair
Protect hair with Long Faux Locs

Faux locs can look great on both men and women, and they’re a relatively easy style to maintain. You can apply your faux locs in one of two ways: by wrapping your braids with real hair extensions or crocheting the hair onto your braids. Make an appointment with a faux locs specialist because this style requires time and specific techniques depending on the length you want.

5. Passion Twists

virgin human braiding hair
Passion twists with virgin human braiding hair

Have you had your fill of twists? We can’t either! Senegalese twists and goddess locs are combined in passion twists (also known as spring twists). They’re made up of two-strand twists created with wavy hair extensions. To get the look, use virgin human braiding hair, and make an appointment with your stylist.

6. Fulani Braids 

virgin human braiding hair
Slay Fulani Braids with virgin human braiding hair

These tribal West African braids are a versatile and detailed hairstyle with a few cornrow braids down the center of the head and several cornrow braids braided in a row on either side, going out towards the temples. Fulani braids look fantastic with beads and metallic hair accessories. Create the braids with virgin human braiding hair for stunning Fulani braids.

7. Goddess Locs

braid ideas
Goddess locs with virgin human braiding hair.

This is the style for you if you want a more boho faux locs look. Goddess locs are typically light and easy to style, with the locs left loose and curly for a more bohemian look. Please appoint an experienced loctician for this style, as it necessitates specific braiding and wrapping techniques. Make sure to use virgin human braiding hair for a natural look.

8. Flat Twists 

sew in with braids
Use sew-in with braids for flat twists.

Cornrows and traditional twists are combined in flat twists. And if you search Instagram for the hashtag #flat twists, you’ll find a plethora of variations on this look. Flat twists are also a great hairstyle if you want your curl pattern to be more uniform. Combine virgin human braiding hair or sew in with braids to achieve fabulous flat twists.

9. Butterfly Faux Locs Bob 

brazilian deep wave curly virgin hair
Butterfly Faux Locs Bob using Brazilian deep wave curly virgin hair.

This chic and short version of faux locs is ideal for those who want the look but don’t want to spend all day sitting in a chair (installing long locs can take several hours). You’ll need packs of Brazilian deep wave curly virgin hair extensions to wrap around your braids to achieve this distressed hairstyle. If you decide to DIY at home, look up a tutorial online.

10. Pineapple Updo

Brazilian deep wave curly virgin hair
Pineapple updo with Brazilian deep wave curly virgin hair

A pineapple updo is a protective style that can be worn both in bed and out. First, gather your Brazilian deep wave curly virgin hair at the crown of your head to form a high ponytail. Use a curl-enhancing product, scrunch, and air dry for soft, bouncy curls. For an easy, fun updo, loosely secure your mane with a scrunchie or satin hair tie, pull the hair forward, and position it how you like.

11. Jumbo Cornrows

sew in with braids
Jumbo Cornrows sew in with braids.

Jumbo cornrows are braided hairstyles that don’t necessitate hours of sitting in a salon chair. If you don’t want simple straight-backs, there are various ways to spice up the look, including sew in with braids, pops of color, and unique parts.

12. Crown Braid

braids with weave
Crown braids

Do you want a hairstyle that will highlight your natural beauty? A braided crown is an excellent way to make yourself look like a queen. Combine the style with a low bun for a stylish and good look for your hair. Use braids with weave and add that extra oomph to your crown braids look.

13. Side Swept Cornrows 

braids with weave
Wear braids with weave

Cornrows are one of the most versatile styling and protection options for curly and coily hair. Make a deep side part and divide your hair into two sections for a side-swept look. Weave the larger section into thin, smooth braids that run perpendicular to the part. Allow the rest of your hair to dangle loosely for added movement.


Now that you know the best protective styles for braiding hair, choose the one that attracts you and defines your personality. You can also amp up the style by wearing stunning hats for women

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