Customers are nowhere in today’s environment, despite the fact that digital experiences and multi-channel platforms are continually growing. Every day, the way your clients shop online evolves. 

In today’s multichannel eCommerce environment, your content must be original and engaging in an attempt to attract users to buy your products across numerous devices. In order for your content to be readily available to customers, you need to improve the search engine visibility of your site on the platform. 

Dos of an eCommerce SEO Strategy

Write Unique Product Description 

Write a unique, compelling and detailed product description for each product you own. Be sure not to copy-paste a product’s description from the manufacturer’s site and write one of your own instead. Write a product description that is at least 150 words in length. Identify and combine frequently searched and relevant keywords linked with your items, as well as variations.

Add Meta Description and Title Tags

Adding meta description and title tags to every web page of your online store are extremely important to help you with search engine optimization (SEO). These are the details that are placed on each page so that Google knows what these pages are about. While it is important to keep these as unique as possible, you should also mention the specific product and title in your meta description for better customization.

Add Customer Reviews to Your Website

Including customer reviews on your eCommerce website can be a gold medal for your business. Positive reviews can help your site increase your organic ranking on Google. Showing customer reviews not only increases the authenticity of your eCommerce store, but it also leads to higher conversion rates among customers.

Add a FAQ Section to Your Website

The audience is everything for any eCommerce or other business owner. In order to keep your audience well informed about your store, it is important to add a FAQ section. Without a FAQ page, your visitors would need to contact you in person and wait for a callback. Honestly, most of your audience doesn’t have time to spare. An up-to-date FAQ page will not only save the time of your visitors, but will also save you time and will also help to make your website more efficient. 

Keyword Stuffing

It is extremely important to add keywords to all your content. However, keyword stuffing can be dangerous for your eCommerce store. Including an excessive amount of keywords isn’t going to assist your clients in any way. When writing content, think about your reader base rather than Google. Think about what they are looking for and what they want to read on your webpage. This will help you keep it natural, without hampering the quality of your website content with SEO Sydney.

Slow Page Load Time 

Every second counts! Your visitors will leave if your site takes too long to load. People will hardly spend a few minutes on your website, not minutes. If you do not take care of slow loading times, then there is a high chance that you will lose out on customers even before you even open the pages of your website. If you want to provide a satisfactory experience to your searchers, you cannot allow long loading times. On average, a desktop page should load in less than 3 seconds, while a mobile page shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to load.

Never Copy Your Competitors 

Copying content from your competitor is the worst for your eCommerce website. You should definitely check out the competition to stay in line and gain inspiration, but copying keywords from their content will only rank you low on Google search. Make sure you come up with unique keywords. If you want to see high-end search terms with less competition, take a look at the Keyword Planner tool in Google AdWords. 

The most important factor on which you should concentrate is the customer experience. If your customer has a reason to come back to your website, there is a high chance that your website will rank high on Google search results.

Prioritize Customer’s Choice

If a person goes to an online shop and asks for a particular product. The shopkeeper does not have that product. In return, the shop starts giving the said customer a product similar to the same product on its behalf and it shows that that customer should take that product. So in that condition the mind of the customer gets spoiled. 

The second time that customer would like to avoid coming to that shop. Because he knows that if he does not get his favorite item, the shopkeeper will try to force some other item. So give the customer exactly what he is asking for. Don’t force yourself.

Offer Discounts from Time to Time

The people of India love discounts or offers. If you first increase the rate of things and then offer a discount on the same item and sell it for the same price, even then the customer will buy it with great love. The shop or business should also keep offering you discounts. 

There are many ways to offer discounts, adopting which will not reduce your profits and the goods will also be sold. One of these methods can be that you can offer a discount of some rupees on the goods which are not selling for a long time.

Enter Your Business in Google Search and Show the Catalog

You can expand your business by bringing your business in Google search. With this increasing profits, the business will also expand. Take advantage of a solution like Pointy, which allows you to display your in-store products on Google without having to manually re-enter your inventory data.

If you’re using Vend, for example, you can connect Vend and Pointy, and your inventory data will automatically appear on your business profile on Google Search and Maps when consumers use your business name or potentially Will search for the product near you.


No business can live long without strategically situating its content in search results. 

More visits, and thus conversions and sales, can be attracted by enhancing your search presence. 

These SEO trends will alter your company’s entire sales strategy.