In today’s modern world, every home tells a different story. Gone are the days when all the homes used to look alike. Homes which are built today are not only built to be different from each other. But also as per the taste of the owner, grand, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Every architect these days understands the importance of designing a custom home ensuring other factors like comfort, privacy, security and energy efficiency. All these factors together ensure that the owner of the house feels at home. In this article, we will discuss how you can use modern glass types to recite your story through your home. These glass types starts from fabric sandwich glass and go all the way to back painted glass.

Fabric Sandwich Glass:

As the name says, this kind of glass is three layered and are very durable. Depending upon the type of fabric used in these fabric sandwich glass, you can use them for various purposes in your home.

Frosted Glass:

Frosted glass is a common decorative glass available in the market. This glass type is turned opaque using the process of sandblasting or acid etching. If you are one of those who favours privacy with a blend of aesthetics, then there is better choice than frosted glass. It not only gives you a perfect view, but also allows natural light to pass. The translucent surface of the frosted glass allows a great deal of natural light in, and at the same time reduces the glare of the sunlight. So, in nutshell with the installation of frosted glass you enjoy things like:

  1. Suitable interior temperature
  2. Ample natural light in addition to your privacy.

And when it comes to maintenance, frosted glass is highly resistant to scratches and does not need minimum maintenance. As far as the usage is concerned, you can use frosted glass on your doors, windows, partitions, interior screens, furniture, cabinets and shelves, staircase, bannisters, false ceiling etc.

Back painted glass:

As the name says, back paint glass refers to glass panels that are coated or paint from one side, therefore making the glass extremely opaque. The glass is installed with the unpainted side towards the outer side. In the last few years, back painted glass has gained a huge fan following as decorative glass. Installing back painted glass is the easiest way to give a new look to your house. And the best part is it is extremely easy to maintain decorative glass. You can simply wipe off the dust with a clean cloth and keep your decorative glass look as new and vibrant as ever. When we talk about the strength of these decorative glasses, they are quite durable. The durability of these decorative glasses are directly proportional to the layers of paint on their surface. Talking about the applications of back paint glass, there are many applications to it. Such as it can be used in the kitchen as wall panels, backsplash or cabinets and shelves. Usage of decorative glass will simply add pop to an otherwise bland interior.

Where to find the best?

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Creating a custom decorative glass for your home is one of the most simple, yet interesting and easy task provided you are able to isolate the right kind of glass for your space.