.Sports injuries are very common in the USA, having 3.5 million children under the age of 14 receiving medical treatment related to sports injuries every year. And high school athletes account for about 2 million injuries, all these statistics show how common this problem is. But thanks to protective gear for sports, childhood injuries can be prevented. Give your child the right protective gear and make sure they wear it every time and ask your child’s coach to know which gear is needed.

The 5 basic protective gear sports that you will need for most of the sports are mentioned below, take a look. 


Make sure to use certified sports protective eyewear during sports because eye protection is great protection. Eyewear is not prescribed for every sport. But you can wear them to protect or curb injury. Eyewear also helps you to block out overexposure to UV rays. Sports like ice hockey, baseball, basketball, squash, and handball, all such sports need special eye protection. 

It is not only a single type of eye protector you can, in fact, but there are also a lot of different types of eye protectors for different sports. So, make sure to choose or select the right one for the right sport. 


Protecting your joints is also a very crucial thing you should do while playing any type of sport. Because joint injuries are very severe and can cause you a great problem if you don’t take precautions to minimize the risk. Padding comes in different types which may include standard elbow and knee pads for resisting injury from tumbles and contact with competitors. A brand named; g-form has a great quality of soft padding to prevent injuries. 

So, if you want it for yourself or your child then use the g-form discount code in your shopping to get pads at discounted pricing. In sports that have high contact with the other player like hockey, or football then you need hip and tail pads required to prevent injuries. 

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are necessary for sports that have contact with other players. Whether it is mandatory or not. Always consider a mouth guard for personal safety. Mouth guards minimize the risk of tooth chips or breaks, and even cuts on the inside of your mouth. Make sure to use the perfect size of mouth guard. According to your size. It is properly fitted to your jaw. You don’t know when you could get physical even during casual and non-competitive team sports or any other activities. If you don’t wear a mouth guard then you can also get a serious injury like fracturing your front teeth or even knocking one or more of them out. 

Sun Protection

Playing sports means playing in a different climate condition, whether it is scorching sunlight or cold days. Protecting your sensitive skin from sunlight is very important because skin diseases are very crucial and harmful. Proper application of sunblock for athletes is a great deal of time in direct sunlight during practices, games, and meets. If you ignore this factor. If you don’t protect your skin from sunlight then there is a high risk of skin cancer. Some dermatologists highly recommend that athletes use high SPF sunblock because of sweat effects on photosensitivity. 

The CDC recommends especially athletes apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or greater with reapplication every 80 minutes. Applying sunscreen is not necessary to only apply when the sun is shining. Normally everybody should apply sunscreen to protect their skin. Whether it is pleasant weather outside, still apply to minimize the risk of skin cancer. 

Properly-Fitted Helmet

A helmet is the main gear for protection purposes for preventing injuries. For a child, it is very important to wear head protection to prevent head injury while playing any type of sports. You can buy a helmet to prevent head injury from anywhere easily. And if you use the arkel coupon code then you will get them at low prices. Make sure to have a full padded helmet inside. In order to protect the chin strap, and the face mask meets the standards set by your state’s athlete board. Head injury is one of the crucial injuries during sports and if you don’t wear a helmet then you might get into big trouble. 

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