Masterrooftreatments is a coating for waterproof membranes that are made up of a single component that is based on acrylic copolymer. This coating has good flexibility and is resistant to the elements. Because of its superior stickiness and thixotropic character, it is a great material for applications in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

Masterrooftreatments is versatile and can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including roof slabs, terraces, balconies, sunshades, parapet walls, and more. Roof waterproofing in Lahore is an excellent choice for use on structures that have complicated geometries, such as domes, arches, shells, folded plates, paraboloids, and corrugated sheets.


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Because it has such a high film accumulation, Master roof treatments provide excellent resistance to water. Because of its extraordinary capacity for elongation and flexibility, it is able to support the regular building motions that occur over time. Additionally, it may be put over difficult shapes and designs in order to make a highly durable yet seamless waterproofing covering. This is another advantage of this material.

In addition, the Waterproofing company in Lahore has good adhesion to the majority of building surfaces, such as bricks, concrete, and vertical and horizontal surfaces. You will find the Master roof treatment product description at the bottom of the page and will be able to download it there.

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Membrane or Bitumen Sheet (Pakistani) is a material that comes highly recommended for use on top of surfaces that you intend to seal off from the infiltration of water. There are membranes that are applied using liquid as well as those that are sheets. We have membrane sheets originating from both Pakistan and Iran in stock.

The hard variety of British bitumen is one of the best semi-solid forms of petroleum. It is extremely viscous, sticky, and black in color. They provide excellent protection against water in construction.

These are also quite useful for use in building, and we provide the soft form of British bitumen as well.

Thermal Insulation Board – Jumbolon Sheet – Jumbolon Sheet, These are great for preventing leaks in waterproofing in Lahore and walls as well as providing insulation for such areas. They contribute to the overall thermal comfort of a structure.

Rolls of polythene are an excellent choice for preventing water from leaking through gaps between walls.

Master roof treatments is a carboxylate styrene-butadiene copolymer that is utilize as a cement adhesive. This material can find in most hardware stores. Additionally, it works wonderfully with concrete and mortars.

Sika 107 is a cement-based waterproofing product that can also be used as a mortar slurry. Cement and polymer-based mixes are what make up this material.

The pore-blocking and crystallization actions of Sika 105 make it an excellent waterproofing agent. It functions exceptionally well in environments characterized by a warm and humid climate.

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We deliver on our pledge to supply Waterproofing treatments in Lahore materials at pricing that customers can easily pay. In Lahore, you can get all of these products at a reduced price, and there is also no charge for delivery. You can place an order for your water-proofing products at any time today, and we will have it delivered right to your door within the next two days.

The Master roof treatments have years of experience in providing Pakistan with the best waterproofing services there are to offer.

In addition to being the most reputable waterproofing company in Pakistan, we also offer our services in the areas of waterproofing roofs, bathrooms, water tanks, basements, and walls. When it comes to your stove, Master roof treatments are among the most reliable brands that you can choose from.

We are the most experienced waterproofing contractors in Pakistan, and we offer our services in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Islamabad, in addition to all other important cities. Our goal is to make our devoted clients as comfortable as possible.

Since Master roof treatments are the most well-known waterproofing experts in Pakistan, we make use of waterproof cement, bitumen sheets, and waterproofing membranes that are of the highest quality. This procedure starts with an inspection of your impacted roofs or basements, whichever comes first. First, the roof or the damaged area is meticulously clean, and then we check your roof for any cracks that may have appeared. After this step, we clean the area thoroughly and then use high-quality waterproof cement to fix any remaining cracks. This completes the process of inspecting, cleaning, and filling cracks. We offer your roof a waterproofing treatment using chemicals that will give it the highest resistance to water damage possible.

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We have a large customer base as a result of our qualified and well-experienced team, as well as the amazing value of the proposition that we offer, Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad are the three largest cities in Pakistan, and we have been providing the best waterproofing services there for a significant amount of time.

Our excellent level of customer satisfaction can attribute to the fact that we first take into account the actual requirements of our clients before developing our services accordingly.

We are the most professional waterproofing company, and as such, we provide one-of-a-kind methods of waterproofing at the most affordable prices possible. These methods protect your extremely valuable products, such as electric wire, pipes, water drain pipes, water tanks, dish antennas, AC units, and other outer units, from extreme damage or corrosion.