Master of Business Administration

Keele University’s full-time MBA course offers a rigorous understanding of the feature disciplines of management skills/abilities and leadership agility. Keele University offers early future junior leaders and managers an in-depth knowledge/experience of how the organization operates, providing an understanding of functional disciplines and how they relate to one another.

The program provides a deep intellectual appreciation of the complexity of the speedily changing organizational context. Interconnected across national and international limits. It incorporates a diverse range of stakeholders and meets their expectations. Creating long-term and short-term sustainable financial values for the wider social order.

As part of the course, there will be a high range of extracurricular tasks designed/developed to further develop your management skills/abilities and knowledge. This may include a range of extracurricular tasks such as business simulation, specific trips and study tours, participation in a recognized MBA competition, career growth sessions, and professional networking tasks designed to develop and improve your experience/knowledge and prospects.

Entry Requirements/Needs

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed and developed for professionals in the private sector, public or third sector. This course is designed/developed for any individual moving into or aspiring to a senior or strategic management position. This can include General Managers, COO, Section Leaders, Executives, CIO roles, Senior Managers, Directors, CFO, CEO, and senior military officers. As well as middle management positions that are a stepping stone to these.

You should have to:

  • A 2:2 honors-level degree,
  • An equivalent abroad level degree
  • A degree-level professional/certified qualification
  • Non-standard qualifications and extensive work experience or skills (on a case-by-case basis and throughout interviewing/conferencing the candidate)
  • At least two years post-graduation work experience or abilities prior to starting the program and arrange a free consultant study in UK.

Months of Entry

You can register for this course in September

Course Content

Kindly Attention, that all course information and details including entry needs relate to the 2022/23 academic year.

Also, Keele University’s Master of Business Administration is designed to develop the business leaders of tomorrow.

University courses will equip you with the knowledge and abilities to lead contemporary organizations on a sustainable and ethical path, whether in the public, private or not-for-profit field. The modern business world demands abilities such as originality, agility, and an entrepreneurial edge. Keele improves these skills or abilities by embedding creativity and innovation into a university course.

Key Benefits


Study within a Business School that is co-located with over 20 innovative medium and small-sized enterprises that work intimately with the school. This unique setting offers options for you to interact daily with entrepreneurial businesses to create invaluable networks and establish industry links during your learning.


Additionally, Keele University is internationally famous for embedding sustainability into everything the university does. Explore contemporary management and business sustainability challenges with a significant focus on environmental problems and corporate and social governance.


Work with a wide range of businesses during the course including the option to undertake a live business consultancy or entrepreneurial project permitting you to apply the abilities necessary to succeed within the modern business world. You will be capable to apply for paid work alongside an academic specialist on a live research project to help local SMEs bring innovative services and products to market quicker through the Keele Research and Innovation Support course.


Access comprehensive future leadership through university-dedicated futures advisors and extracurricular career tasks. The careers guidance is designed or developed to support the creation of your personal brand. And to plan your career growth and your progression scheme.


As a result, Profit from innovative teaching techniques including social learning and problem-based, whilst networking and developing alongside career leaders from a diverse range of organizations.

Information for International Students

Applicants for whom English is a second language will be necessary to achieve IELTS 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in each component. The University also accepts a range of internationally recognized English degrees. If you do not meet the English language needs, then the University provides a range of English language preparation courses.