help when you are in urgent need. Such loans do not require any collateral, which An unsecured loan that allows you to cover expenses for multiple purposes can stand as a financial helps the loan to be sanctioned quickly. If you urgently need financial aid with no collateral requirement, you can log in to the Buddy Loan website for help.

Due to the lack of collateral, lenders ask for salary slips as proof of income. The good news is that you can get an affordable deal for a personal loan. If you are a salaried individual, getting a personal loan without a salary slip might not be challenging. This article will show a few steps to get an unsecured loan without a salary slip. The pointers are as follows.

  1. Providing Another Income Proof

If you are self-employed, you might have an active business contract. Then you might not be able to get a salary slip. The best way for a salaried individual to get a person is that they can do it by providing an alternative income proof to the lender. These can include a bank account statement along with an income certificate.

These documents help ensure the lender that you have a stable and secured income. You, as a borrower, can also show the document that reflects total earnings and income taxes.

  1. A Fair Credit Score.

Your credit score should be above 700 or equivalent as then it provides your loan quicker. Maintaining a good credit score and a good repayment history can bring along a good loan deal. You can avail a good amount as a loan if you have a good record of paying your EMIs on time. This details instills the lender with confidence that you can pay for the loan.

  1. Good Relations With The Lender Or Financial Institution.

You have to hold good stead with your lender, and also, if you are a loyal user, it increases your chances of getting the loan even faster. A good relationship with the bank will help you skip the documentation process as the lender might already have the essential documents in their system.

If you own a credit card from that bank and have paid  the dedicated dues on time, you are definitely in good stead with the financial institution.

  1. Choose A Low Personal Loan Amount.

If you apply for a high personal loan amount with a low score, lenders might see you as a high-risk borrower and will hesitate to lend you the money. To avoid such situations, you can apply for a low loan amount for which the repayment will also be more manageable.

  1. Applying With A Joint Applicant

Applying for a loan with a joint applicant will help you promptly how to get a personal loan. A co – applicant’s steady income will help balance the creditworthiness, which eventually fastens the procedure of getting the loan.

Request banks or lending institutions to consider your case with a NA or NH in your credit report.

The NA or NH in your report indicates credit inactivity in the last 36 months. As a result, your credit score might be less. You can speak to your lender about the inactivity and request a loan in such cases. As a result, the lender might offer you the loan at slightly higher interest rates.


Before applying for a personal loan, you should ensure that you have done all the research for yourself . By maintaining a good credit score and being a diligent payer of loans on time, you can get a personal loan without showing your salary slip. Thinking of how to get a personal loan? We help you get unsecured personal loans with less documentation. Applying through buddy loan is very simple. We provide loan from various lenders so that you get loan with the best interest rate to suit your needs. Apply loan online through Buddy Loan and get instant personal loan approval. To apply personal loan visit Buddy Loan