Committing sins has various levels and ranks therefore, a person must be aware of that in order to commit them less. The following are the sinful temptations in the heart:

  • Haajis means a disturbing or troubling thought
  • Khatir, or bringing an evil notion into one’s head
  • Hadith nafs, or the hesitation between doing or not doing something wrong
  • Humm or add to one of the two options
  • Azam or make the decision to do the sin

Shariah and These Five Different Sorts of Temptation

Shariah prohibits the first three types of tasks. The very first, Haajis, is ignored since it is not in a man’s hands to control. The following two (Khatir and Hadith Nafs) are pardoned since Allah has pardoned them for the sake of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) ummah. In the case of Humm, if the learning is oriented towards piety, one piety gets registered for the worshipper. If the propensity is toward evil, there will be no chiding, and this is also Allah’s favor for this ummah. According to Islamic Scholars, Azam would be penalized.

Effective Ways of Overcoming Temptation

Listed below are some of the best ways of overcoming temptation:

Begin by Seeking Refuge in Allah

We must increase our Istighfaar. Pray to Lord as much as you can in order to ask pardon. You will only sine and rise if He (SWT) forgives you for your sins and wrong deeds.

Keep Allah in Mind Always

Eliminate the items in your life that are unneeded and give you stress. Rather, focus on Allah’s remembrance. Make time for dhikr and attempt to improve your Ibadaah.

Recall Death

Always remember death. Death does not consider age, gender, or race, it comes naturally and we have huge examples of daily life incidents where a lot of people lose their lives be they a kid or adults. Therefore, always remember death and keep asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty and He will surely pardon you. With all of the recent tragedies and unanticipated deaths, it would be silly not to recall death and correct our actions.

Think Positively

Consider the blessings and focus not on those who’ve been granted more, but on people who are genuinely behind you. Being positive in life teaches you a lot of things and helps you overcome a lot of difficulties and hassles. A positive mind not just thinks good but also does great actions and deeds that are preferred by Allah (SWT).

Avoid Unbeneficial Things

Why squander your time and attention on stuff that will not benefit you? Learn to forgive people and divert yourself from what isn’t helping you in any manner. Things that are not advantageous in any way, leave them and move on with those things that prove to be beneficial for you.

Marriage and Fasting

If your problem is sexual temptations, it is advised that you get married early, and if this is not feasible for any reason, it is suggested that you keep fast and solicit the assistance of Allah (SWT) rather than engaging in bad acts. If your impulses are physical, get committed. Furthermore, examine your eating patterns to ensure that there are no items that enhance desire after consumption. Eat lightly, because the stomach has a significant impact on the majority of our abilities and wants. The idea is to consume less yet enough to go through the day, but this needs continuous practice.

Perform Umrah

If you are highly tempted by various desires of committing sins, then performing Umrah is the best option. It not only makes you free from your prior committed sins and misdeeds but also prevents you from doing them in the future. For this purpose, you can obtain 8 nights Umrah packages from renowned travel agencies and accomplish this pilgrimage.