In any business, whether it is a comestible and cosmetic, interesting package shapes, material, and design may catch the customer’s attention. It is the power of the packaging that makes shoppers come to the shelves. But remember the design and shape is not the only reason to catch the attention of the buyers with time customer buying decisions towards the product packing changes.  If you are running any business, you need to follow the customer demands and requirements. Currently, 90% of customers go for eco friendly Boxes because of global warming. Do you the primary cause of pollution is packaging material?

If you studied the research conduct in 2017, it reviewed that around 1 in 3 users likes to shop from the company that is offering sustainable packaging. Another exciting fact is that 1 in 4 customers agree to spend some extra dollars on eco-feeding options. It shows that with time customer trends toward eco-friendly packaging will increase. In 2020 most of the brands are switching toward environmentally friendly options because of customers” demand.

As you all know, there is saturation in each sector, whether it is clothing or healthcare. Thousands of e-commerce websites are offering the item you are selling. But here, you need to focus on customer requirements and interests.  What do customers want, sustainable product packaging? Here you have to consider customer preference to build loyalty. Here is the bottom line is not the design or the shape of the custom Boxes, but the packing material. Let us find out why clients are happy with the natural Kraft packaging?

Eco Friendly Boxes mean no waste issues.

For packaging and printing companies, the waste of packaging is on top of their mind. They are looking for a sustainability program to satisfy the customers. As you know, everyday clients’ concerns are changing. Around 51% of user thinking packaging waste is an essential environmental issue. The same percentage of customers agree that Kraft Boxes is more considerable for them today than around six years ago.

So, for that client, their eco-friendly consciousness steers the buying decision towards the items.  They go for the product that comes up with the custom cardboard boxes because it would not leave any trash behind. Cardboard boxes are the ones that can be recycled, reused, and reduce. It will never fill the landfills.

Reduces the cost of the product

What is the primary thing that makes your packaging and printing company distinguishable from others? It is the price of the printed packaging boxes. When you introduce sustainable custom boxes, it means the manufacturing cost is very much reduced. For sustainable packaging, the best box is natural kraft packaging. Why cardboard and kraft in a pocket friendly?

90% of cardboard boxes are recycled boxes. Manufacturers use recycled raw material in its making. The cost of this raw material is very less, so the net value of the single box reduces.

When the price of the packing is less, the net cost of the article also decreases. Hence it increases the profit. Even companies are using custom shipping boxes of cardboard material because it does not add up to the weight of the item. It is the material that reduces the net cost of any articles.

Eco Friendly Boxes Can Be Reused

What is the success of any brand? It is customer satisfaction. The customers pleased with your company by offering them what they want. As you know, most of the customers look for a sustainable packaging option because it reduces waste. But there is one more reason, and it can reuse in multiple DIY projects. Because of customers’ high demand, the brands are looking for the packing company that offers eco-friendly boxes for the products. If you are new in the custom packaging boxes business, then offering the eco-friendly packaging is the best idea.

The Kraft Boxes Are Open To Customization

Now people are very much selective when buying any articles. Because of the recent development in the packing industry, the competitions between the brands also increase. What if the customer gets custom cardboard boxes in beautiful designs and shapes? When you choose any other stuff like plastic or aluminum, there is a limitation in the customization. If you do offer the personalization option, it cost the client an arm.

One of the reasons that clients prefer Cardboard Boxes is pocket-friendly customization. You can give any shape and print any image on it. These beautiful designs and prints make it work as custom gift boxes.


Now you have understood why all brands are looking forward to eco-friendly boxes options. The above mentioned are the reason they prefer the custom Boxes companies that offer sustainable packaging options. If you are launching the new products which sort of package will you prefer? Remember always follow the market requirements


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