The 150 Watt LED Street Light emits 18,000 lumens of light, equivalent to 600W HPS street lighting. It has a double lamp life and is quick to restart, and it comes with an IP66-rated aluminum alloy and polycarbonate lens enclosure for protection. The light can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Here’s why you should consider purchasing one:


The RWL-LED-40 150 Watt LED Street light is a great addition to your exterior illumination system. Its 13,000 lumen light output is comparable to that of a 400W HPS unit. In addition to being energy-efficient, the RWL-LED-40 150 is also designed with the protection of a wildlife shield and die-cast trigger latch. Its features make it ideal for industrial/military settings, campuses, and parking lots.

The RWL-LED-40 150 Watt LED Street Lighting offers superior efficiency, performance, and value over standard HPS street lights. The RWL-LED-40 150 Watt LED Street Light is available in a variety of sizes and configurations and is a great replacement for HPS street lights. With more than 50,000 hours of life, this light is ideal for high-traffic areas and other areas that are difficult to reach.


The Crompton 150 Watt LED Street Light is an attractive and versatile lighting fixture that’s suitable for all weather conditions. With toughened glass construction and high-power LEDs, this light has an ingress protection rating of IP66 and a system efficacy of over 110 Lumens per watt. In addition, it’s backed by excellent customer service. It’s currently available for delivery in Pune and Kolhapur.

The aerodynamic design of the Crompton LED street light ensures that it’s safe for outdoor usage and has a great tilt angle arrangement. IP 66 protection means it’s resistant to moisture, dust, and UV rays. The lighting fixture also features a tilt angle arrangement, which can be adjusted to suit varying weather conditions. In addition, it has excellent thermal management, making it a great choice for roadway lighting.


In the past decade, LED street lights have become a popular option in many applications. Their energy-efficient design has reduced the cost of running and maintaining these lights. Unlike fluorescent or high-pressure sodium lights, LEDs do not need to be regularly serviced or replaced, so they can last a long time without requiring replacement. This means big savings over the lifespan of the lighting system. For this reason, they are a great option for alleyways and parking lots.

A 150 Watt LED street light for alleyway is an efficient way to provide outdoor security to your business. The dusk to dawn light makes everything as visible as day. These lights are ideal for commercial shop yards, which traditionally are difficult to illuminate. A dusk to dawn light is an especially effective way to ensure that security teams can monitor their inventory. A 150 Watt LED street light can be used to replace four existing 400-watt metal-halide (MH) outdoor parking lot lights. These lights can also be dimmed to provide maximum lighting control.


LED BR and PAR lamps from Straits Lighting offer exceptional performance and long-lasting illumination. The low-profile design and SMD LED chips enable uniform illumination. The energy-efficient lights last up to 20 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. They are dimmable, allowing you to choose the right amount of illumination. And because they are made from a mercury-free material, they are mercury-free, too.

The BROADCAST(tm) floodlights from Straits Lighting feature high output and efficiency chips. Increasing visibility means improved safety and better visibility. The weather-proof, durable, and energy-efficient Broadcast flood lights deliver superior illumination with superior performance. The best part is that they are easy to install and require little maintenance. You can install these lighting fixtures anywhere, including on your street. 


A 150 Watt LED Street Light for roadway can produce 13,000 lumens, a performance that’s comparable to that of 400W HP’s roadside luminaries. These lights are ideal for public roadways, residential areas, and campuses. They also come in different color options. To find out which one is best for your application, browse through our selection of LED Roadway Lights. Then, contact a manufacturer for a free quote.

The LST1 series Roadway fixture is a versatile street light that replaces traditional, inefficient street lighting fixtures. Common applications for these lights include roadways, parking lots, plazas, and highways. Although it doesn’t come with accessories, the side menu provides a few options to customize your street light for the specific needs of your project. The light is also able to fit on standard circular poles for installation in a variety of locations.

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