Watching movies and shows in theaters and on television is a thing of the past. The reason is that some OTT platforms and reputed streaming sites have poured the content on their website, which is either online or received on a paid subscription. One of these streaming sites is activate, which has trouble-free registration and watching protocols. happens to be an online streaming website that is British-owned and was unveiled on screens for the first time in 1997. The channel is a free-to-air television network which means it has no subscription, registry, or pay-per-view charges. Moreover, it brings you content from My5 Tv Activate account sister channels. The channels specifically channel 5, 5 Star, 5 USA, 5 Select, and 5 is also a fifth national channel providing on-demand video service that offers no-fee charges from customers.

Do you have to register to watch My5?

My5 Tv Activate



Some compatible devices and platforms are supportive of the channel and require no registration to watch channel 5’s content. However, if you are accessing through an Andriod mobile device or Android television you will be required to register a My5 Tv Activate account if you wish to consume the content.

Before accessing or registering themself, one must assume what benefit would it give me to activate the channel? Well, you are in for a treat, these site is offering longer catch-up windows, binge-watching opportunities, unblock box set.

The list is far from over yet, they are offering premiers of brand new programs, exclusive and original extra entertainment, and much more which costs you absolutely nothing apart from the usage of the internet.

Activating or registering for activate is simple, access the navigation top. Select the user icon that is right on the top right corner of the site. There you will observe the ‘Sign In’ bar, opt for the ‘Register now’ option in the bar. Insert the required details, submit the form and you are good to go.

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Can you get My5 on a Smart Tv?

My5 Tv Activate


The My5 is also available to be enjoyed through smart television. The process requires to access the google play store from the tv’s ‘Home Menu’.There a search box will be visible in front, insert and choose the official application.

Select the installation option from the ‘Sun-Menu’ bar, go through and accept the protocols of the app and install the app.

However, there are some times when viewers complain that their tv, or precisely Samsung television is not properly working and loading with the activate app. The reason for this is a usually slow internet connection. Another reason could be that you need to update your application

Where do I enter the code for My5?

Setting up security pins and code is very important to ensure social security as well as keeping content that is graphic and not suitable for the young ones. To set up a pin of My5 Tv Activate account, having an account on the channel is a must.

Sign in to your personalized account, in the top navigation look for the menu icon on the top left. Choose the My5 option and proceed to Account details. There will be a ‘Pin Section’ visible among different options. Set the pin and log in again with the latest entered code details.

What can you watch?

My5 tv Activate is an on-demand video service platform that streams content from the parent organization, Channel broadcasting Ltd and its sister channels. Popular shows such as MasterChef, Jujutsu Kaisen, and nostalgic goldmines such as Forest Gump, Lost. Furthermore, the platform also has a section specifically for children, interesting cartoons and scientific documentaries are available for their Funtime.

Moreover, the platform also provides to watch live tv modifications so you don’t miss the exclusive action and news. To watch live television, approach the live tv section on the application menu. Select the desired channel and press the play option at the top of the screen.

However, this application has a definite flaw as far as its connectivity across the border is concerned. Many overseas individuals and UK nationals living away from home is inadequate to access the App. Many people do recommend Vpn’s or proxies. This is not a prolonged solution to the problem, as the application is updated regularly. Henceforth, VPN might lose its server one day.


There has been a massive surge of people looking for online shows and streaming movies from all of Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. The activate tv app is not less than a blessing in disguise and provides a variety of entertainment and knowledge for free of cost and generates revenue from ads. But the application’s creator must concur to spread this blessing beyond the borders of the UK.

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