o take a break from our hectic daily schedules, we all prefer to spend some quality time with our families, friends, and colleagues. One of the best ways is to plan an outing to a perfect location where you can enjoy a delicious and filling meal.

In a country like India, food lovers can find a plethora of eating establishments, one of which is none other than “Barbeque Nation,” which is a complete package of elegance, variety (in terms of food), and affordability. It is a place for all types of partygoers, such as those who want to dance and have a good time at a party, those looking for a place to sit for long conversations, food lovers, and so on.

Barbeque Nation, one of India’s leading casual dining chains, has adopted the “over the table barbeque” concept to provide guests with grill options of their own barbeque at their tables. The brand’s menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, the majority of which are Indian. In addition, the seasonal preferences of customers are used in the introduction of new dishes. The venue is also well articulated and set up for various types of celebrations such as office parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, kitty parties, and many more. Various famous food festivals are also held at Barbeque Nation restaurants so that customers can sample various Indian and international cuisines.

Barbeque Nation Business Model

Let’s explore the business model of the Barbeque Nation Franchise:

Key Activities

Barbeque Nation specializes in serving a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers, main courses, and an innovative dessert menu. Their services are prompt, and the dining atmosphere in their restaurants is casual and pleasant.

The brand organizes various food festivals regularly at their restaurants, where customers can sample Indian, Fusion, and International cuisines. Customers can also order a variety of beverages, desserts, and north Indian dishes with kabab.

Marketing and Promotional Activities

Barbeque Nation engages in a variety of marketing and promotional activities, and the brand regularly launches new promotional campaigns. To promote and advertise its products and services, the brand has used the following marketing strategies:

Influencer Marketing

The brand has collaborated with food bloggers as part of its Barbeque Nation marketing strategy. For example, to promote its Punjabi Food Festival campaign, “Jatt Set Go,” it partnered with famous food blogger Gurpreet Singh aka Mister Tikku, who is a social media influencer with a large following and high relevance among the audience. It aided the brand in promoting its new dishes and maintaining a presence in the audience via various social media channels.

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Social Media Marketing

Barbeque Nation uses various social media platforms to run various campaigns and contests as part of its social media marketing strategy to attract more and more customers. For example, they promoted their campaign “Jatt Set Go” on various social media channels, and they ran the “Ask Makkhan” campaign, which drew a large number of people.

Video Marketing

The brand employs video marketing because videos are thought to be a highly engaging tool that produces better results in attracting an audience on social media sites. Barbeque Nation, for example, was able to generate more than 3 lac views in a short period on promotional videos of the “Makkhan Singh Makkhan Lagake Chala Gaya” social media campaign.

Offline Promotions

Barbeque Nation promotes its brand and products using a variety of offline promotional marketing tools. For example, the brand’s campaign, “the Punjabi Food Festival,” had different stages, and one of them was Makkhan Singh (Mister Tikku), who surprised customers by visiting the band’s outlets and engaging in casual conversations about food and entertaining them with various fun activities.

Customer Segment

The brand’s target customer segment includes the following types of customers:

  •         Baby Boomers
  •          Millennials or Generation Y
  •         Generation X
  •         Generation Z

Cost Structure

The main components of Barbeque Nation’s cost structure are the costs of food and beverages consumed, employee benefit expenses, and other operating expenses.

The brand spent INR 2,752.97 million on food and beverages in FY2020, INR 1,778.63 million on compensation and benefits, and INR 1,776.51 million on other operational expenses.

Revenue Stream

Barbeque Nation’s total revenue in FY2020 was INR 7903.58 million. Revenue from operations was INR 7870.52 million, and other income was INR 33.06 million of the total revenue.


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