An Indian visa for Russian citizens is required for traveling to India. The visa can be obtained online. The processing time is a couple of days, so applying early is recommended. Ideally, you should apply for your visa two to three weeks before your trip. The Indian visa application form has an extensive list of requirements and limitations. Make sure to read the requirements carefully. In addition, you should know about the online e-visa.

Online e-visa

While an online Indian e-visa is a valid travel document, it is not transferable to another visa. It is not possible for Russian citizens to pursue university studies, work, journalism, or long-term paid jobs in India. Likewise, an e-visa does not grant the privilege of entering military areas. Russian citizens should be aware of these limitations before travelling to India. However, an e-visa does allow them to visit cantonment areas, as long as they are not involved in any military activity.

The process of applying for an Indian e-visa is easy. There are few documents required. The first document that must be presented is a valid passport. A digital photo of yourself is also required. It must be recent and without any facial gestures, and preferably on a white background. To upload the photo, you should scan it, and upload it to the application form. The second document to be uploaded is a scan of the information page of your passport.


The validity of Indian Visa for Russian citizens differs from country to country. For Russian citizens, a paper copy is not required, though. A mobile phone with email confirmation can malfunction or run out of battery, so it’s no use showing an electronic version to an immigration officer. However, having a printout of the Indian visa can serve as an auxiliary verification. The validity of Indian visa for Russian citizens depends on the type of Visa you need.

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Once you complete the application form, you can either send it to the Indian Embassy or Consulate General or submit it offline to the respective Embassy or Consulate General. To apply for a Russian visa, follow the instructions carefully. In any case, make sure to mention your correct name and date of birth. Once the form is submitted, you must submit your passport scan copy, a photo of yourself, and three supporting documents. If you’re a Russian citizen, you can also send a letter from a hospital or visit card to verify your status.


The requirements for Indian eVisa are less than those required for a traditional visa. The applicant must possess a valid passport, a recent digital photo of themselves, and an unaltered information page. The photo must be clear, without facial gestures, and set against a white background. In addition, an eVisa applicant must provide a valid payment method. Russian citizens can complete the application online.

The applicant must provide a valid invitation letter from a friend, relative, or authorised travel agency. The letter should also contain the applicant’s name, nationality, and employer details. The letter must also be accompanied by a photocopy of the applicant’s passport and a round-trip ticket to India. If the applicant’s family is from Russia, they must also submit a copy of their birth certificate.


For the Indian eVisa process, a valid passport and recent digital photograph of self are required. The digital photo must be a clear one without facial gestures or a background that might distract from the face’s beauty. The photo must be scanned and uploaded to the India eVisa portal. A passport scan of its information page is also required. Once these documents have been uploaded, the Russian citizen is ready to complete the application process.

In order to apply for the Indian Visa, Russian citizens must apply for the visa at least five business days prior to travel. During this time, the application form may take up to four days to be processed. In some cases, Russian citizens may be required to submit additional evidence, including a photocopy of their first page of passport, details of the countries they have visited in the last 10 years, and information about any visible identification marks.


The application process for an Indian Visa for Russian citizens is simple and fast. You will need to provide your passport details, pay in one of 137 currencies, and provide additional information. Once you have submitted all of the required information, you will receive an email confirmation. There is no need to visit the Indian Embassy in person or get a stamp in your passport. The application process for an Indian Visa for Singapore Citizens can be completed online in a few minutes.

To obtain an Indian visa for Russia, you must submit a valid passport, a letter of invitation, and a letter of support. In addition, you must fill out an application form and attach a photo. When you’re ready, take these documents to a Russian Visa center. You’ll need to pay a total of 2,480 INR for a single entry common tourist visa. The fee is the same as for a Russian visa for Indian citizens.

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