Most of us have experience with house moving. Whether it’s to college or a new city or across the country, moving boxes is the number one thing you will need for relocating.

The type of moving boxes you choose is very important while relocating. You are going to invest in ample amounts of these boxes, so you cannot just settle for any box. You need good-quality, durable boxes.

We have gathered five simple yet effective tips for choosing the correct cardboard moving box for you.

Let’s learn about them!

Examine The Boxes Properly

Examining the cardboard boxes, packaging tapes and bubble wraps before buying the packaging supplies is very important.

The problem with free boxes from grocery stores is that they aren’t reliable. So, if you are sourcing some packing boxes from your local store, inspect them carefully for any grease stains, bugs, tears, etc. You don’t want to carry your belongings in weak or stained boxes.

Avoid Free Boxes

While getting some free shipping boxes from stores is a good idea to save some expense, there are risks to it. Avoid reusing old cardboard boxes for your move. With regular use, these boxes get weak. They cannot bear heavy items like lamps, books, electronics, and glassware.

Moreover, you will have fragile belongings that need proper packaging. Reused boxes will be a huge hassle. They will get damaged during the move, compromising your breakables.

If you really want to save money on moving boxes, consider buying them in bulk from distributors. You will get affordable yet sturdy moving boxes.

Get Them in More Than One Size

A house has a lot of different items. When it comes to moving boxes, size matters a lot. For instance, small size boxes are better for heavy things like appliances, books, glassware, and others. Smaller boxes are easier to carry, it’s a known fact. So, loading heavy items in smaller boxes makes them convenient to carry. But make sure to tape them well.

Medium size moving boxes are great for clothes, miscellaneous, cooking pans and pots. Fill the spaces between the items with lots of old newspapers or packaging paper. This will prevent the items from colliding with each other.

Put pillows, blankets, and photo frames in large boxes. The objects will fit better and won’t stress your back.

Use Corrugated Boxes

Although there is nothing wrong with using regular cardboard boxes, you need something thicker and more durable for a house move. Corrugated cartons have liners and a fluted material in between them. This makes corrugated boxes stronger.

Single wall cardboard boxes are good for cereals or other types of packaging. But they aren’t ideal for a house move. They are thinner. But, if you are going to load up the boxes with glass items, clothes and others, these boxes will get crushed during the transportation.

Sourcing The Boxes from The Right Supplier

It is not about the company; it is about how to find the right quality of moving boxes. Though you will get a lot of options, don’t buy anything at face value. Create a list of places from where you can get these house moving boxes. Then compare the companies based on reviews, expertise, and testimonials.

We suggest going for wholesale packaging distributors. There are two benefits of this. First, reliable companies like Globe Packaging will have a huge selection of cardboard boxes. You can select and buy according to your preference. Second, the prices in these stores are always affordable.

Test The Boxes Yourself

This tip is for people who are moving across the country. Rather than buying all the packaging supplies at once, buy only a few to test them out.

Do Edge Crush Test (ECT) yourself to see the result. This is especially important if you are sourcing some free cardboard moving boxes.

Test the boxes out before the big day. Once you start packing, try and lift a few of them. Is the weight comfortable for you? Do you feel the items shifting inside? Do you feel the boxes will crush from the weight?
Stack a few of them to make sure of their durability. This way you can eliminate the ones that don’t match up. You can add more paper fillers or packaging tape.


Using the right kind of moving boxes makes all the difference. Hopefully, these tips will help you to know your packing boxes better!

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